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Engage Your Customers at Every Step of Their Buying Journey!

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Executive Vice President

This looks more like a marketing automation topic where they convert a website visitor into a qualified lead. Here, we look at this from the perspective of a contact center platform.

How Can You Engage Your Prospect at the Beginning of Their Journey?

You are in the business of selling gifts and making lives happier. One of your prospective customers know that his wife’s birthday is coming up within 30 days and he needs to buy a gift for her. However, he isn’t sure about what the gift is and he starts to browse the web for options. He lands up at your website.

How Do You Engage Him Now?

You can proactively engage with him using web chatbots and the option to call back. Your agents can help with the choosing of the gifts on the webchat and direct him to some of the trendy gifts.

As an Agent, How Do You Know What Is a Trendy Gift?

This is where analytics come into play that allows you to pick and choose what is in vogue when it comes to birthday presents and presents for women of a particular age group. This would allow you to suggest informed choices for your prospective customer.

You can continue to help him choose the right gift and address the packaging options that he is looking at. In case he wants to search a bit more for options with other providers, follow this up with a request for a callback.

How Do You Handle the Callback Request?

Share the webchat conversations with the agent before he fulfils the callback request. This is to ensure that he understands the context before he picks up the phone to help the prospective customer on his buying journey. Talk about options that were receiving rave reviews and share the review statistics and analytics with your prospect. In case your prospect is still undecided, offer to put together some of the reviews of the options that you suggested and send it out as an email and follow it up with another call.

Once the purchase decision is made, identify and understand whether the gift needs to be delivered at a particular time in a particular location.

Also, figure out their preferred notification channel to communicate about the purchase and delivery and for him to provide feedback about their purchase. This could be non-intrusive emails, not-so-intrusive texts or intrusive voice messages. Identify what works and ensure that it is adhered to.

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What If Your Customer Doesn’t Respond to Your Callbacks?

Assume that your prospect stops to engage with you after the webchat and doesn’t pick up his phone when you call back. All isn’t lost, and all you have to do is send some of your best offers in the category of gifts that he is looking at with an option for him to call back a number or request a callback. You can send out the offer in multiple channels – emails, SMS or voice messages that is personalized, as it is not a mass message.

Most Often than Not, It Works Wonders!

For all of this to work, your contact center platform needs to have tight integration with your website, emails, and intelligent chatbots. Only then, this can offer an experience to the prospects that seamlessly takes him through his buying journey.

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