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Contact Center Software for Banking

Turn interactions into loyalty through better customer interactions

Trusted by 500+ banks.

An omnichannel experience is ideal for your banking customers. They can perform all their transactional queries through email, chatbots, SMS, and mobile apps and reach out to agents when there is a complicated query on the voice channel.

Besides, you can reach out to your customers for your new product promotions, offers, upselling, and cross-selling using our outbound banking call center solutions.

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Our Platform Features – Omnichannel Banking Software

  • Access to in-depth information about customers through an integrated infrastructure

  • Migrate your disparate infrastructure and on-premise solutions to the cloud within 48 hours

  • Multi-location, multi-tenant, and work-from-home capabilities

  • Scale-up and down the number of agents at a moment's notice

  • Intelligent routing – skills-based, location-based, and time-based

  • Pay only for what you use. No long-term contracts. No minimum commitments

  • VocalDirect and pre-recorded messages for promotions

  • Call recording and screen recording to optimize agent efficiencies

  • Analyze real-time metrics and dashboards. Create and schedule reports for efficient workflow. View historical data in Charts/Graphs/Grids

  • Segment groups, customers, and portfolios for client-specific reporting and compliance

  • Lower TCO and completely managed infrastructure

How does it work?

Your agents can connect to our cloud-hosted platform from anywhere in the world using any device. It supports all the work-from-home functions that your banking call center may need.

Our banking contact center software has outbound, inbound, and blended solutions, tightly integrated with CRM, helpdesk, collection software, and other best-of-breed IT solutions. This allows you to address customer queries, provide customer support, and do promotions.

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