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Call Center Software for eCommerce

Deliver end-to-end delightful customer support experience across all channels.

Trusted by more than 1500+ customers.

The most important aspect of an eCommerce operation is a customer’s lifetime value, which is entirely reliant on the number of repeat customers that you can garner. How do you provide everlasting customer experiences?

Our eCommerce call center services can help you leverage the best customer experience management solution to improve your agents’ productivity and create a loyal customer base.

Our Platform Features – eCommerce Call Center Services

  • Anywhere, anytime engagement

    let your retail shoppers interact with you through multiple channels – email, phone, chat, social media, and website

  • Intelligent routing

    Automatically route calls to the right department and the agents with the right skill based on your purchase history and the type of product you have purchased

  • Personalized communication

    Understand your customer journey through our integrated customer service platform and offer them immediate resolutions to the satisfaction of your customers

  • Recording

    call recording and screen recording to improve agents’ efficiency and to resolve any disputes that may arise with your customers proactively

  • Self-service options

    Let the customers serve themselves through automated IVR systems and intelligent chatbots for transactional issues like order returns and faulty products

  • Voice of the customer

    Automated voice broadcast to receive one-touch feedback from the customers on the quality of products, service, and the overall experience

  • Optimize operations

    Intelligent reports and dashboards allows your managers and supervisors to be on top of the entire eCommerce operations, and you can optimize them for the benefit of your customers

  • Scale and pay as you grow

    You can be up and running with our platform within 48 hours. You can scale up and down per your business needs. You pay us only on your usage and not on any long-term contracts or minimum guarantees

  • Alerts and notifications

    Alerts and notifications on orders, offers, and promotions for your customers

  • Missed call solution

    You don’t have to worry about missing a call from your customer, for we have an automated callback option as and when an agent becomes available

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