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Contact Center Solution for Insurance

Enhance your customer service capabilities to address the needs of your demanding customers.

Trusted by more than 1500+ customers.

Insurance customers expect a lot when they reach out to your customer service for help. Ideally, they would like to reach someone who knows a lot about their specific situation and wants resolutions immediately. Most likely, these would be during non-business hours.

The insurance industry is complex, and customer service is critical to build customer loyalty. Our cloud-hosted omnichannel insurance call center software can help you address all of your customer needs in an integrated manner. Every agent has an integrated one view of the customer across all channels to address queries quickly.

Our Platform Features – Insurance Call Center Solutions

  • Access to in-depth information about customers through an integrated infrastructure

  • Intelligent routing – skills-based, location-based, and time-based

  • Migrate your disparate infrastructure and on-premise solutions to the cloud within 48 hours

  • Multi-location, multi-tenant, and work-from-home capabilities

  • Scale-up and down the number of agents at a moment's notice

  • Pay only for what you use. No long-term contracts. No minimum commitments

  • VocalDirect and pre-recorded messages for promotions

  • Call recording and screen recording to optimize agent efficiencies

  • Analyze real-time metrics and dashboards. Create and schedule reports for efficient workflow. View historical data in Charts/Graphs/Grids

  • Segment groups, customers, and portfolios for client-specific reporting and compliance

  • Lower TCO and completely managed infrastructure

How does it work?

When your customer calls your contact center, the platform’s intelligent ACD system routes the call to the right agent at the right location, maximizing the chances of first call resolutions.

You don’t have to worry about missed calls during your peak hours, as we have an automated callback option to reach the customers as soon as an agent is available. Besides, the platform is tightly integrated with CRM, helpdesk, collection software, and other best-of-breed solutions, ensuring one view of the customer for the agents.

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