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ClearTouch connected method

ClearTouch Ensures High-Quality Calling for a Call Center by Helping Them Tide Over Low-Bandwidth Connection of Its At-Home Agents

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Executive Vice President

The customer is one of the largest online marketplaces for instant custom rate quotes on loans and credit cards. You can shop for loans, deposits, and cards online now.

The loans that they work include personal loans, vehicle loans, home loans, and education loans. They work with multiple banks, and they get you the best offers from banks.

They offer fixed deposits from multiple banks and also credit cards. Once they receive these leads online, their agents qualify them and pass it to the respective bank representatives to service the customers.

CTC has been working with them for the past few years. We help them send promotional voice messages (Automated Intelligent Voice Messaging Solution) to people who have expressed interest in their offerings and pre-qualify them. This pre-qualification allows their agents to increase their lead conversions.

The Challenge

In March 2020, as soon as COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, they had to move their agents’ homes. Their incumbent contact center platform had only on-premise options, and they couldn’t continue to run their business.

They had 500+ agents, and it was getting difficult for them to figure ways to operationalize their business remotely. They were already aware of our cloud contact center offerings.

They wanted the following features in the platform:

  • High levels of data security
  • Monitor the performance and productivity of agents
  • In-depth and customizable reporting with dashboard view for different divisions and categories of employees

They wanted us to train and support their agents to get up to speed on our platform.

Besides, their agents were spread across the city, and many of their homes either had spotty Internet or intermittent Internet connectivity. The spotty Internet resulted in poor call quality with jitters, delays, and choppy voice.

Getting better connectivity to their agents’ homes was difficult during the lockdown situation, mainly due to two reasons – it was time-consuming and was way too expensive.

They were stuck, and they looked up to us for a solution.

They evaluated our contact center platform and found that it fits all their needs. We helped them implement the cloud contact center solution for 500+ agents in 48 hours. They became operational immediately.

Our Solution

We demonstrated our contact center solution. They were very happy with our solution after the evaluation and decided to go with our solution. It satisfied all their stated and unstated needs.

We helped them circumvent the spotty Internet issue using connected method for telephony with regular PSTN connectivity. We provided credentials to every agent that made their voice calling secure and integrated the connected method telephony with the contact center platform seamlessly.

All the voice communication controls work directly from the portal – manual dialing, call hold, call transfer, intercom, voice mailer view, queue hold view, and call recording.

This solution helped our customer to have their agents work out of their homes and be productive and efficient.

Our Platform Advantages

Work from home (WFH) ready – It allows the agents to use any device to do their job – mobile, laptop, or desktop. The usage of mobile devices and laptops allowed the customers’ best-performing agents to be on calls immediately. It works across platforms and has cross-browser compatibility.

It allows the agents to connect to the calling application of the platform using PSTN connectivity. This connected method eliminates dependency on stable and robust Internet at all times.

Scalable – Our platform is highly scalable – scale up and down per your needs without changing anything in the infrastructure

Business Intelligence and Analytics – Monitor your agents; in-depth reporting to manage performance and support time-sensitive decision-making; easy-to-use dashboard for different user roles

Combination of AIVMS and Contact Center – AIVMS helps them pre-qualify the leads that come to their website and makes their agents super-productive. AIVMS directly feeds the pre-qualified leads into the cloud-hosted contact center platform automatically. These leads are accessed easily by their at-home agents and are distributed to them for calling.

Our hosted call center platform has allowed the customer to operationalize its remote call center operations without any hurdles in a short period.

Cost Savings – Immense cost-savings with our cloud offering in comparison to their on-premises and calling plans that they used earlier

Robust Support – Round the clock support addressing their training and calling needs

Going Forward

The biggest concern that call centers face today in moving their agents’ home is the quality of Internet connection.

You don’t have to worry anymore!

With our connected method solution, you can ramp up your seats without worrying about the type of Internet connectivity.

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