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Automotive Call Center Solution

Promote and grow your automotive dealership and service business.

Trusted by 1500+ customers.

How often do you follow up with customers who have purchased their automobile from your dealership? How often do they come back to you after the initial free checkups and services? Most automobile dealers typically look at about 2 to 3 years of customer value, and beyond which they don’t follow through.

Our automotive call center services can help you do the follow-ups and make it easier for your customers to reach you. If we tell you that this can result in an additional 40 % to 60% increase in service revenue and referrals, we are sure that you’d be interested.

This is what we have helped some of the automobile dealerships achieve. You can also check our article on Automotive Customer Experience

Our Platform Features – Automotive Call Center

  • AgentSMS

    Instantly confirm appointments, reschedule appointments, arrange for pick up and delivery, send payment reminders, alert individuals of service-due, recalls, and oil changes via text messages

  • Automated Interactive Voice Messaging Systems (AIVMS)

    Send voice broadcasts with simple key response options for your customers to provide feedback, fill up surveys, confirm/change appointment information, or deliver one-tap responses

  • Vocal Direct

    Send thousands of recorded voice messages at the click of a button. This will ensure that the customers receive the message while reducing the cost associated with manual outreach

  • Autodialer and predictive dialer

    Helps your agents reach out to a maximum number of customers with no loss of productivity. This can help you monitor busy signals, voicemails, no-answers, and disconnected numbers to improve the efficiency and speed of the dialing process optimally

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