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Contact Center Call Recording and Screen Recording

Call recording and screen recording to enhance agent’s performance

With our contact center call recording solution, you can record all of your inbound and outbound calls that would allow you to measure an agent’s performance, besides understanding whether customer issues are getting resolved. Our call center screen recording solution gives you a better look at the agent’s workflow and actions to resolve a customer query.

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Benefits of Call Recording and Screen Recording

Contact Center Call Recording Software

With our platform, you can automatically record calls without any manual intervention across multiple sources, such as phone lines, VoIP, and mobile devices. Users can tag the recordings, making it easier to categorize and search.

Managers and supervisors can listen in on live calls and support agents. Besides, managers can evaluate the quality of calls using recordings – based on factors like customer satisfaction, compliance with company policies, and adherence to best practices.

Contact Center Screen Recording Software

With our platform, you can schedule recordings of all screen activity, allowing supervisors and managers to decide if the agents followed the right approach to address a customer query. This can act as input for the training and coaching of agents.

Besides, it supports customizable recording options by defining the settings, such as recording area, audio input, and video quality.