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Cloud Call Center Services

Deliver customer service successfully

Your call center is your first contact point with your customers. The call center is the face of your industry, and your customer’s perception is managed here. How equipped is your call center in offering customer service? Our call center solution comes with a combination of dialing options – predictive, preview, and manual. They are integrated with IVR and chat options for flexibility.

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Grow Your Business with Our Call Center Services

ClearTouch helps support both inbound and outbound call center services. It supports omnichannel customer experience where all the channels are integrated – website, email, voice, SMS, chat, chatbots, messaging, mobile apps, social, and conversational AI.

It also integrates with CRMs, helpdesk software, ERP, and other best-of-breed solutions. It comes with workforce management, list management services, call & screen recording, business intelligence, and reporting modules.

It helps the agents have one view of their customers with a single interface. It equips and empowers the agents to provide the best possible experience to their customers.

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“We have been using ClearTouch for over 6 months now and it’s been great. The feedback from the customer is always positive because they are able to get in touch with us easily. It has made the experience seamless, both for us and them.”

– Our Customer from Contact Center Industry

The ClearTouch Advantage

  • Been There, Done That

    20+ years in business, worldwide presence, billions of client interactions, diverse client base serving over 1500+ clients.

  • A Single Platform

    We are an all-in-one platform that comes with a per-minute costing; no contractual commitments or liability; monitoring and reporting across locations.

  • Integrations

    Integrate with In-house CRMs, helpdesk software, and other best-of-breed applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between predictive and auto dialing?

A predictive dialer initiates outbound calls based on the historical dialing duration, and it places the call even before the agent is free to handle the next call. A predictive dialer dials multiple customer contacts at once and ensures that agents achieve maximum customer connectivity.

Autodialer automatically dials the customers and distributes the connected calls among the available representatives.

What is preview dialing?

Preview dialing is the simplest form of outbound dialing. The preview dialer looks at the call list, selects a customer record, and shows the customer record to the agent. The agent can then choose to place the call with the customer.

What is manual dialing?

Manual dialing is very simple. The agents manually choose the customer records from the call list and place the calls manually one after the other. Manual dialing is appropriate for small to medium-sized call centers and for custom reasons.

How is IVR utilized in a call center environment?

IVR plays a key role in the inbound environment. When a customer dials your call center, the customer can reach the IVR, and with custom menu options, they would be transferred to the respective departments or the agents with the right skills to address their needs.

IVR is usually tightly integrated with the dialers.

How is voice broadcasting used in a call center environment?

You can instantly send your promotions using the automated voice broadcast message to an extensive list. A percentage of people would respond to your voice message and want additional information. They can be automatically connected with the available agents in your call center to progress the opportunity or close the sale.

How is an automated chat used in a call center environment?

The customers would not want to talk to an agent for every query they may have. Instead, they would prefer a self-service option like a chatbot for transactional queries. Some examples include – I want to change my appointment date, checking the balance in my account, and the like. Most likely, your chatbot would be able to address these queries.

While in conversation, the customer may choose to talk to an agent. Your chatbot should let the customer seamlessly transition from the chat screen to a calling screen and connect them with the appropriate agents.

What is a call center as a service?

Call center as a service means that the vendor provides the entire call center technology infrastructure as a service. The vendor would put together the dialers, voice, hosting, and integrations on a per-minute pricing.

With call center as a service, you can scale up and down the number of agents in no time, and you are up and running within 24 hours.

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