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Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Unleash the power of omnichannel communication

Our cloud contact center platform is designed with omnichannel capabilities, allowing your customers to connect with you through their preferred channels – phone, email, chat, or social media. Integrating existing systems ensures a smooth workflow, while customization options cater to your unique business needs. Our advanced analytics and reporting tools also provide valuable insights into performance, helping you make informed decisions.

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Unify customer interactions across all channels

Seamlessly connect with customers across multiple channels – phone, email, chat, SMS, and social media, ensuring a consistent customer experience. It allows customers to pick up where they left off on one channel and continue the experience on another. Your agents get to have a single view of your customers across all the channels and your customers don’t have to repeat themselves ever.

Integrations and Automation

Better customer data management and service

Integrate with CRM, ERP, and other systems to streamline workflows and provide agents with information to offer personalized interactions using our API-driven cloud contact center platform. You can tailor the integration to match your workflows and business processes – improving efficiency and productivity. With this, you will be able to access up-to-date information and improve interactions by synchronizing real-time data between systems.

Workforce Engagement

Motivate and engage with employees consistently

We focus on keeping your agents engaged and motivated with features like gamification, knowledge base, and real-time feedback – which helps boost productivity and job satisfaction. With an intuitive interface, our platform ensures that both agents and managers can quickly adapt to the platform, minimizing training time and maximizing productivity.

Analytics and Reporting

Real-time data and metrics for immediate insights

Utilize analytics and details reporting tools to track key performance metrics and customer feedback in real time. With our platform, you can pull together reports in no time where you can slice and dice the data per your needs. Cloud Contact center supervisors and managers can use this data to identify trends, make data-driven decisions, and continuously optimize the customer experience based on customer feedback and preferences.

Compliance and Data Management

Comply with industry regulations and standards and enhance customer trust

Our cloud contact center software are designed with compliance features, ensuring adherence to industry standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS. Our solution offers comprehensive audit trail and real-time monitoring to safeguard sensitive information. Our solutions enable seamless data management, ensuring that your contact center platform operates within regulatory frameworks while maintaining the highest standards of data integrity.


Gauge customer emotions, gain deeper insights to enhance service delivery

Harness the power of intelligence with our cloud contact center solutions, where advanced analytics offer insights that transform customer interactions into valuable business assets. This allows you to make informed decisions and optimize performance. With intelligent automation and reporting, you can proactively address issues and personalize customer interactions.

List Management Services

Target specific customer groups more effectively through data enrichment

Our list management services (LMS) helps integrate various data sets and channels from different sources while enhancing decision processing and data enrichment, saving time, improving omnichannel visibility, making API access easier, and reducing the likelihood of errors. It covers the entire data management workflow – uploading lists, ordering & filtering your lists, and splitting your data files to assign discrete sets to multiple agents.

The ClearTouch effect

ClearTouch’s cloud contact center platform has helped transform businesses across industries. Take a look at some of our customer experiences.

Transform Patient Engagement With VocalRX Automation

Automated appointment reminders and patient satisfaction surveys to reduce no-shows and enhance patient care.

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Enhanced CX in Play for a Cooperative Bank

Delivered a 12% increase in product sales, reduced customer churn, and seamless integration without CapEx investment.

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AIVMS Enhances Lending and Collections Process

Discover how a top lending and collections player used AIVMS to enhance customer engagement, personalize responses and reminders.

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Why you win with ClearTouch

Cost savings

Reduce overhead costs with our pay-as-you-go model, eliminating the need for expensive on-premise infrastructure and maintenance.

Enhanced customer experience

Provide faster and more efficient service with features like omnichannel capabilities, ACD, IVR, and CRM integration, leading to higher customer satisfaction.


Easily scale your contact center operations to meet changing business needs without significant upfront investments.

Advanced security

Protect sensitive customer information with our secure cloud contact management software, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Streamlined operations

Automated workflows and workforce management tools streamline your processes, increasing overall efficiency.

Better collaboration

Our cloud contact center solution providers offer tools that enhance team collaboration, improving overall performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cloud contact center solution?

A cloud contact center solution is a comprehensive system that enables businesses to manage customer interactions across various communication channels, such as phone, email, chat, and social media, through a cloud-based platform.

Unlike traditional on-premise systems, cloud contact centers are hosted on the Internet, providing scalability, flexibility, and advanced features without significant upfront investments in hardware.

What is the difference between a cloud call center software and a cloud contact center software?

People use them interchangeably, and we are moving away from a pure cloud call center software across verticals and geographies.
However, here is the difference.

A call center software allows communication by voice or SMS text only, while a contact center software offers communication across several channels like voice, SMS, email, live chat, chatbots, video, social, etc.

How does a cloud contact center software work?

A cloud contact center software routes customer interactions through cloud-based servers, allowing agents to handle communications from any location with an internet connection.

The system includes features like automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), and customer relationship management (CRM) integration to streamline processes and enhance customer service.

Real-time analytics and reporting tools provide insights into performance, helping businesses optimize their operations.

What are the benefits of using a cloud contact center solution?

Cost savings: Reduced need for physical infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Scalability: Easily adjust operations based on demand without significant investments.

Flexibility: Support for remote work and global operations.

Enhanced customer experience: Advanced features like ACD, IVR, and CRM integration lead to faster, more personalized service.

Security: Robust security measures and compliance with industry regulations.

Improved analytics: Real-time data and comprehensive reporting for better decision-making.

Can a cloud contact center integrate with existing systems?

Yes, cloud contact centers are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, including CRM platforms, help desk software, and other business applications.

This integration allows centralized data management, streamlined workflows, and enhanced customer interactions. For example, agents can directly access customer histories and preferences from the CRM, ensuring more personalized and efficient service.

How secure is a cloud contact center solution?

Cloud contact center solutions prioritize security through various measures:

Encryption: Data is encrypted during transmission and storage to protect against unauthorized access.

Access control: Strict access controls ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information.

Compliance: Regular audits and adherence to industry standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS ensure regulatory compliance.

Backup and recovery: Regular data backups and disaster recovery plans maintain data integrity and availability.

Monitoring: Continuous monitoring for potential security threats helps detect and mitigate risks promptly.

How can a cloud contact center software improve customer service?

A cloud contact center enhances customer service by:

Reducing wait times: Features like ACD and IVR quickly route calls to the right agents, minimizing hold times.

Providing personalized service: CRM integration allows agents to access customer data and provide tailored assistance.

Enhancing availability: 24/7 support across multiple channels ensures customers can reach out at their convenience.

Increasing first-contact resolution: Advanced tools and real-time information enable agents to resolve issues on the first interaction.

Gathering customer feedback: Surveys and analytics help identify areas for improvement, leading to continuous service enhancements.

What are the cost implications of moving to a cloud contact center?

Moving to a cloud contact center can significantly reduce costs compared to traditional on-premise systems.

The primary cost benefits include:

Lower initial investment: No need for extensive hardware and infrastructure.

Pay-as-you-go pricing: Only pay for the resources you use, allowing for better budget management.

Reduced maintenance costs: The service provider handles maintenance and updates.

Scalability: Easily scale operations without significant additional costs.

Remote work enablement: Save on physical office space and associated expenses.

How does ClearTouch’s cloud contact center solution support remote work?

ClearTouch’s cloud contact center solution is designed to support remote work by providing:

Remote access: Agents can access the platform from any location with an internet connection.

Collaboration tools: Features like call monitoring and real-time feedback facilitate remote supervision and team collaboration.

Security: Advanced security measures protect data, ensuring compliance with industry regulations even in a remote environment.

Scalability: Easily adjust the number of remote agents based on business needs.

Flexibility: Support for various devices and communication channels enables agents to work efficiently from anywhere.

What are all the communication channels available in the ClearTouch contact center platform?

ClearTouch contact center platform supports a wide range of communication channels to ensure seamless and consistent customer interactions.

These include voice calls (inbound and outbound), email, live chat, SMS/text messaging, and social media integration with platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Additionally, it supports communication through popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp and video calls for more personalized interactions.

The platform also includes interactive voice response (IVR) systems for automated self-service options and web forms for online submissions.

Voicemail functionality allows customers to leave messages when agents are unavailable, ensuring that all communication channels are covered and customers can connect through their preferred medium.

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