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Call Center Real-Time Reporting and Business Intelligence

Data-driven performance of your call center

Make the most out of your call center data with our comprehensive call center analytics tools. Our contact center Intuitive dashboards keep you in the know about your agents, speech analytics, metrics of different channels, and overall call center performance, helping you make informed decisions with real-time insights.

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Call Center Business Intelligence Software

Our business intelligence lets you gain valuable data insights without IT intervention. It can analyze data from disparate sources like internal, external, and raw data and provide the necessary insights. The data points can include transactional data, customer interaction data from all the channels, app data, customer lifecycle management data, like-customer data, data from customer service and customer support requests, customer feedback, etc.

The BI contact center will help you:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge about your customer’s journey
  • Benchmark customer data for future projections
  • Boost internal productivity
  • Implement customer-centric campaigns
  • Retain and train your employees

Call Center Real-Time Reporting

Managers in any call center or contact center spend about 30% of their time pulling together reports. Any reports generated would have a lot of irrelevant and insignificant data, and sieving through them requires much effort and time. Our reporting tool has helped save 100s of wasted hours for our customers in report generation.

Besides, there is absolutely no gibberish when generating reports from the raw data. We provide all the reports in .CSV format, meaning slicing and dicing the data are very straightforward.

We provide a dashboard view of the reports that provide all the relevant information to help you make decisions.

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“I am really excited about ClearTouch because it has transformed our customer support. Their service has been excellent and I haven’t had any issues with them at all. The platform integration is seamless and the reports are comprehensive.”

– Our Customer from Aviation Industry

The ClearTouch Advantage

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    All the help you need, whenever you need is provided by our dedicated support team. 99% SLAs at all times, with multilingual capabilities.

  • No Long-Term Contracts

    Only contract-free call center software. No lock-in period. No restrictions on the number of agents. Works on a pay-as-you-go model with per minute billing.

  • Seamless CRM Integrations

    Smooth integration with CRM, Helpdesk, and other best-of-breed IT solutions. Comes with a bunch of pre-integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business intelligence in a contact center?

Intelligence in a contact center is about unifying and making available all the customer information from across channels to an agent. This would allow the agents to resolve customer queries and needs effectively.

What is contact center reporting?

Reporting in a contact center is all about letting the contact center management know what is happening in the contact center. Typically, managers spend about 30% of their time pulling together reports to ensure that everything is going per the plans in every contact center.

With reporting, the managers don’t need to spend that kind of time while the reporting tool provides you with everything you need at the touch of a button. You can configure the reports the way you want and display them on the dashboard per the needs of the users in your organization.

What is a contact center dashboard?

A contact center dashboard is a visual reporting tool that displays relevant contact center metrics and KPIs that allow customer experience teams to monitor and optimize performance and spot emerging trends.

Why do you need dashboard-level intelligence and reporting?

The dashboard level intelligence and reporting will give you a birds’ eye view of what is happening with your customer experience function. Let us assume that you are present on social platforms and that less than 1% of your inquiries come through social media – your dashboard would bring that out. There is no point in staffing that channel, and you can do away with it.

The dashboard level view would help you deep-dive and understand the trends and challenges associated with the particular data point.

Are intelligence and reporting configurable?

Most contact centers generate humungous amounts of data. Some even generate millions of records. Your intelligence and reporting will help you make sense of this data.

All of this is easily configurable so that you get to see what is important to you and actionable. The solution is so flexible that you can pick and choose what you want to see at the click of a button.

What are the benefits of contact center reporting software?

Data will show opportunities for enhanced productivity, improved agent utilization, and streamlined call center processes. With these insights, companies will benefit by lowering costs and maintaining stability in a contact center.

Why is business intelligence important in a contact center?

The data sources are plenty in a contact center environment, and it generates massive amounts of data.

Call center business intelligence helps you make sense of this data by providing you with insights from your data. This would allow you to make informed decisions, improving the overall customer experience.

How does call center analytics software help?

As a call center, you have tons of calls and screen recordings. Managers and supervisors view only 2% of the recordings, while the remaining 98% lie on the storage servers.

Call centers are leaving a lot of money on the money by not analyzing the recordings. An Analytics engine can help you explore these recordings and make sense of the stated and unstated needs of the customers.

Its search engine can quickly and easily retrieve calls through free-form combinations of keywords, phrases, acoustic measures, and call metadata.

It can help you in compliance and identify misselling and training needs.

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