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Auto Dialing Software

Effortless connections with auto dialer software

Automate your sales and marketing outreach with our powerful auto-dialing software. Increase your reach, boost your productivity, and close more deals. By automatically dialing phone numbers, auto dialing software can help businesses reach more leads in a short amount of time. Join us as we help you grow your business and succeed.

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Dial more, close more – embrace automatic dialer

Your shortcut to productivity and success.

Increased efficiency

Eliminate manual dialing, wait times, and misdials, allowing your team to take more calls in less time.

Analytics & reporting

Track analytics & reporting metrics like call duration, call outcomes, and conversion rates that translate into valuable insights.

Advanced routing

Route calls intelligently to agents based on caller history, agent availability, and caller preferences.

Why ClearTouch’s Auto Dialing Software?

Our platform helps you transform by automating and streamlining outbound call processes, optimizing agent utilization, and ultimately driving higher customer engagement and conversion levels. It connects agents only to answered calls, which reduces agent idle time and improves productivity.

We don’t have any restrictions on the number of channels, and we optimize it by looking at the connect rates and using the number of channels needed to ensure maximum agent productivity and improve the efficiency of the contact center.

Overall, our auto-dialers ensure higher connection rates, thereby increasing agent productivity and boosting the efficiency of your contact center. Its integration with CRM systems and automated list management ensures that agents have relevant information about customers when the call is connected.

Our Credibility

We have implemented our solutions to more than 1500 businesses worldwide across verticals. Listen to this – we haven’t had a customer churn from us in our last six years of operations in India.

We have industry-specific expertise and can help you with good practices across domains like BFSI, BPOs, Collections, Healthcare, Retail, Automotive, Manufacturing, eCommerce, and Fintech.

With unparalleled features and integrated infrastructure, you don’t have to look beyond ClearTouch’s auto dialing.

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Our Auto-Dialing Advantage

Check out all the benefits for your business.

Increased agent productivity

Our platform helps agents spend less time on repetitive tasks like dialing and waiting for calls to be answered. It can prioritize leads and connect agents to the most promising prospects first, increasing the likelihood of successful interactions. It comes with automatic call distribution and note-taking features, allowing agents to move to the next call promptly.

Efficiency boost

Our auto dialers allow agents to focus solely on speaking with customers and prospects – it does this by connecting agents to answered calls and skipping busy signals, voicemail, or disconnected numbers.

Regulatory compliance

Our platform complies with TRAI, DOT, TCPA, and FDCPA standards and regulations. It ensures the phone numbers are validated, and agents only call those individuals who have consented to be contacted. It has built-in tools to scrub phone numbers against Do Not Call lists and ensure compliance.

Call management and reporting

Our platform comes with features like call recording, call routing, and call scripting, which assist agents in handling calls more effectively. Managers can monitor calls in real time and barge in when required. It has robust reporting and analytics tools that help businesses track performance and make data-driven decisions.

Per-minute pricing

You don’t have to worry about licensing, scaling up and down your needs, configurations, customizations, and roll-out infrastructure. It is a pure cloud-based infrastructure where you truly pay as you go.

How does our contact center platform improve the bottom line?

Watch this video on how our cloud-based modern contact center platform can help your customer experience function.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is auto-dialing?

Auto dialing is an automated call center technology that automates the outbound calling processes. It automatically dials phone numbers from lists and connects available agents to answered calls while disregarding busy signals, voicemail, and disconnected calls. This helps streamline the calling process.

How does auto-dialing work?

Auto-dialing dials phone numbers automatically from the list and connects available agents to answered calls. It more or less eliminates agent idle time while providing a better customer experience.

What is the difference between auto-dialing and predictive dialing?

While auto-dialing sounds similar to predictive dialing, the two have some apparent differences.

Predictive dialers place a call a few seconds before an agent completes the previous call. It does this by estimating the agent’s call duration and availability. It uses algorithms and intelligence to predict the dial rate. An auto dialer automatically dials a number of contacts and connects answered calls to an available agent. This requires manual setup of dialer rate per agent.

What types of businesses can benefit from auto-dialing?

Businesses across various industries that engage in outbound calling activities, such as telemarketing, sales, collections, lead generation, and customer service follow-ups, can benefit from auto-dialing.

Can auto-dialing integrate with other software?

Our auto dialers can be integrated with CRM, ticketing solutions, helpdesk software, and other best-of-breed IT solutions. This would provide your agents with relevant customer information before calls, improving personalization.

Does auto-dialing work for different call volumes?

Yes, our auto-dialers are designed to handle varying call volumes based on factors like agent availability and campaign goals. This is ideally suited for slightly smaller teams with a team size of less than 10.

How does auto-dialing software handle voicemail and answering machines?

Auto dialing software can detect voicemail and answering machines and handle them based on preset rules, such as leaving a recorded message or scheduling a callback.

Is there a risk of overloading agents with calls?

Our auto-dialing system manages call pacing to prevent overwhelming agents with too many calls, striking a balance between efficiency and agent well-being.

Is auto dialing suitable for high-touch sales or personalized interactions?

While auto dialing is ideal for high-volume outreach, other modes like preview and manual dialing might better suit scenarios requiring personalized, high-touch interactions.

Can auto-dialing help improve agent morale?

Yes, our auto-dialing’s efficient call pacing and reduced idle time can improve agent morale by keeping them engaged in conversations and reducing frustration.

What kind of reporting and analytics are available with auto-dialing?

Our auto-dialing system offers comprehensive reporting on call metrics, agent performance, campaign results, and more, providing data-driven insights for decision-making.

Is auto-dialing suitable for high-compliance industries like healthcare and finance?

While auto-dialing can be used in any industry, high-compliance sectors often require additional features and configurations to ensure data security and compliance with regulations.

Our platform complies with SOC, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, TCPA, FDCPA, Reg-F, Fedramp, ISAE 3402 Type II specifications, STIR/SHAKEN process, DoT, and TRAI regulations. This makes it suitable for it to be used across all industries.

Can auto-dialing be used for surveys or appointment reminders?

Our versatile auto dialers can be used for various non-sales purposes, such as conducting surveys, reminding customers of appointments, and gathering feedback.

Can auto-dialing systems prioritize calls based on lead quality?

Our auto dialers allow you to perform lead scoring and prioritization, ensuring that higher-potential leads are connected to agents first.

Can auto-dialing software be used for inbound calls?

Auto-dialing software is primarily designed for outbound calls and is seldom considered for inbound needs.

Can auto-dialing software be integrated with other communication tools?

Auto-dialing software often integrates with various communication tools, including email, SMS, and social media platforms.

How scalable is auto-dialing software for growing businesses?

Our auto dialers are scalable at the click of a button. You can scale up and down per your business needs. With our auto-dialers, you can easily add more agents and expand calling campaigns.

What is the difference between hosted and on-premises auto-dialing solutions?

Hosted solutions are cloud-based and require no on-site infrastructure except perhaps working Internet connectivity and access to browsers and headsets. We provide hosted solutions where we manage everything and offer the service at a per-minute pricing for our customers. On-premise solutions are typically installed and maintained on a business’s own servers.

What are some best practices for maximizing the benefits of auto-dialing software?

It includes regularly updating call lists, optimizing calling strategies, monitoring agent performance, and staying up-to-date with relevant regulations and compliance guidelines.

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