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Interactive Voice Response Solution

Experience seamless service with our IVR solution at a single touch!

Say goodbye to long wait times and frustrating queues; IVR streamlines your journey by offering self-serve options that let you easily access information and complete tasks. With a button press or a voice command, you can check account balances, book appointments, track orders, or reach the right agent.

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Manage high call volumes effortlessly with interactive voice response solution

Let your voice lead the way to a new era of customer experience.

Easy setup

Configure your IVR system in a matter of hours, ensuring timely assistance and a smooth customer journey.


Allow customers to access information and perform tasks 24×7 without the need for human assistance.


Tailor personalized experiences by recognizing callers based on phone numbers or account information.

Why ClearTouch’s IVR Solution?

Unlike other providers, you can easily configure and operationalize our IVR within hours. It comes pre-integrated with industry-leading CRMs allowing you to access customer information and personalize interactions.

It enables swift call routing and self-service options, which boosts efficiency and cost savings. It can handle high call volumes without overwhelming your resources. It operates 24×7, ensuring customers can access information and support anytime, anywhere. Our IVR helps you avoid customers abandoning calls due to long wait times or confusing call routing. You can truly elevate your customer experience, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for your business.

Our Credibility

We have implemented our solutions to more than 1500 businesses worldwide across verticals. Listen to this – we haven’t had a customer churn from us in our last six years of operations in India.

We have industry-specific expertise and can help you with good practices across domains like BFSI, BPOs, Collections, Healthcare, Retail, Automotive, Manufacturing, eCommerce, and Fintech. With unparalleled features and integrated infrastructure, you don’t have to look beyond ClearTouch’s interactive voice response.

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Our Interactive Voice Response Advantage

Check out all the benefits for your business.


Automate call routing and offer self-service options that elevate your customer experience to new heights. With this, you can ensure your callers are directed to the right department or offered self-service possibilities tailored to their needs. Gone are the frustrations of endless transfers and wasted time. With our IVR, your customers will appreciate the efficiency and responsiveness, feeling valued and cared for.


You can obtain real-time insights into customer opinions and preferences with real-time IVR surveys. It helps you identify emerging trends, address issues proactively, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement. Besides, the seamless integration with customer databases will enable businesses to segment feedback based on demographics and gain insights into specific customer segments.

Agent assist

With contextual caller information at their fingertips, agents can quickly access relevant details about the caller, such as previous interactions, purchase history, and preferences. With this, agents can personalize their approach, addressing customer needs efficiently. IVR can offer recommended responses based on the caller’s query, guiding agents through the conversation and ensuring consistent and accurate information delivery.

Performance analytics

It provides invaluable insights into the system’s efficiency, effectiveness, and success in improving customer experience and business operations. We measure call containment rate, call abandonment rate, and average call duration. Besides we also analyze the IVR menu navigation patterns to identify friction points. This will help businesses refine their IVR, optimize workflows, and deliver a seamless customer experience.

We managed to roll out our platform for 500 agents within 2 days for a leading bank

We managed outbound and inbound campaigns for a leading bank within two weeks – making it easier with our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automated Voice Broadcasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

IVR is an automated telephony system interacting with callers through voice or touch-tone input.

It allows callers to interact with pre-recorded or computer-generated messages, guiding them through a series of menu options to access information, perform tasks, or connect with the appropriate department or agent.

How does IVR work?

IVR uses speech recognition technology or touch-tone input to understand caller intent.

When a caller dials a telephone number, the IVR system greets them with a pre-recorded message and presents a menu of options. To choose English as your preferred language, press 1; to register a complaint, press 2; to talk to an agent, press 9 – you will hear these options.

Alternatively, it can ask the caller to speak instead of pressing the keys. Based on the speech or the press inputs the caller provides, the IVR will route the call to the right agent or provide the requested information.

What are the benefits of using IVR solution?

IVR offers several benefits – reduced wait times, improved customer service, handling large volumes of calls, and increased operational efficiency.

It allows businesses to automate call routing, freeing agents for more complex tasks and reducing call handling times.

IVR also provides self-service options, enabling callers to access information and perform tasks independently, which enhances customer satisfaction and reduces call volume.

Can IVR personalize its customer interactions?

IVRs can be integrated with CRMs and customer databases, allowing them to access customer interactions purchases, and service history.

With this integration, IVR systems can recognize callers based on their phone numbers or account information. This enables personalized greetings and customized interactions and provides more relevant and tailored responses.

What are the typical use cases where IVR can be used?

IVR is versatile and can be used in every industry. Let me give you some examples.

Banking – balance inquiries, account statements, bill payments, checkbook requests, stop clearance requests, card blocking, account blocking, and customer surveys

Healthcare – appointment scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling; handling patient reminders and prescription refills; patient surveys

Retail – customer surveys, order tracking, returns & replacement management

Automotive – alerts on service status, order tracking, and customer surveys

Besides these, IVR is also broadly used in surveys, polls, and outbound calls for notifications and reminders.

Is IVR secure for handling sensitive information?

IVR systems can be designed with security measures to handle sensitive information, such as credit card details or personal data. Encryption and secure connections can be implemented to protect caller data during the interaction.

How can businesses improve IVR performance?

Businesses can improve by understanding metrics like call containment rate, call abandonment, and average call duration, and analyzing menu structure can help improve the IVR performance.

You can understand the friction points and enhance performance by refining speech recognition, enhancing self-service options, and creating a more user-friendly and efficient IVR system.

How can I set up an IVR system for my business?

You can get in touch with us to set up an IVR system. We offer a cloud-based solution where we will set up everything you need within hours. This includes designing call flows, recording voice prompts, and configuring the IVR to meet your specific business needs.

Can IVR handle multiple languages?

IVR systems are designed to support multiple languages.

Callers can be offered language options at the beginning of the interaction, allowing them to select their preferred language for the rest of the call.

Is IVR suitable for outbound calls?

IVR can be used for outbound calls to deliver automated messages, appointment reminders, payment notifications, and more. It can effectively reach out to several customers with personalized information.

Can IVR integrate with virtual assistants or chatbots?

IVR can be integrated with virtual assistants or chatbots to create a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

This integration will allow customers to interact with the same system irrespective of the channel they choose to interact with.

How often should I update my IVR prompts and menu options?

It is good to review and update IVR prompts and menu options regularly.

As your business evolves and customer needs change, keeping the IVR content up-to-date ensures callers receive accurate and relevant information.

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