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Workforce Optimization (WFO) and Workforce Management (WFM) In Your Contact Centers, Call Centers, and BPOs

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Workforce Optimization: How Integral Is It?

What do you do with the data that you collect as a part of customer interactions? You turn them into insights, which leads you to actions, and in turn to exceptional customer experiences. This is precisely what your call center workforce optimization (WFO) program does.

The insights from WFO program allows you to optimize efficiency and enhance productivity of your call center agents – training, coaching, mentoring, monitoring, rewarding, and adhering to service level agreements with customers.

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Improve Efficiency With Successful Workforce Optimization (WFO)

Our platform helps you make informed decisions by invoking the following WFO features:

Benefits of Contact Center Workforce Optimization (WFO)

Our platform can help any contact center with:

  • Increase in customer satisfaction & experience
  • Improved agent engagement & output
  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs

A guide to your call center workforce management

Call Center WFM Software Is Key to Workforce Engagement

Our platform’s contact center workforce management helps you have the right number of agents available at the right time, to answer the forecasted volume of incoming calls at the desired service level, with quality. The features of our WFM platform include:

  • Predict time of day scheduling
  • Track call center agents to enforce adherence
  • Predict agent skills required to handle forecasted call volume

Advantages of Contact Center Workforce Software

Call center optimization model with what-if scenarios

What will happen to your service levels if an event happens, before that event occurs is one of the most useful tools for call center managers. With our WFM, you can model various scenarios to figure how to optimally manage the workload of the call center.

Turn agent overtime and time off as an advantage

This will help to mitigate times when contacts are high, or even slow. This will save your call center thousands of dollars.

Monitor and review goals and metrics periodically

Make improvements based on feedback from agents and managers.

Realistic and flexible scheduling

Access to historical data from all customer contacts, based on input from CTI and ACD, means that scheduling can be more realistic. Flexibility in scheduling help increases call center agent performance and productivity while promoting a positive work-life balance.


Compare forecasts with reality and use this information to correct problems. Real-time adherence helps managers to see exactly what is happening and make sure that none of the agents are unduly stressed.

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