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Healthcare Call Center Software

Get your patience experience transformed

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Today, healthcare facilities are becoming patient-centric. Every facility is looking at enhancing its patient experience – from the first point of contact to the treatment to post-care procedures. This has paved the way for demand in call centers with the best communication technologies and multiple channels to address the needs of the patients.

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Our Platform Features – Healthcare Call Center Software

  • Bill Reminders

    Send notifications and communications to patients and caregivers to remind them of pending bills and upcoming payments related to their treatment.

  • Self-Pay Options

    Pay by phone or through the website using the providers’ payment gateway. Guided payments using voice messages and IVR systems for transaction ease.

  • Missed Call Alerts

    Never miss a patient call because your agents were busy when the patient called you. Allows automatic call back as soon as the agent is available.

  • Patient Information

    Display patient information at the point of call collection. Provide a single view of the patient’s interaction across your channels and interfaces.

  • Intelligence and Reporting

    Monitor agent activity like call volumes, average handling time and talk time – allows you to make informed decisions and workflow adjustments.

  • Virtual Consultations

    Enable virtual consultations using video conferencing. Consultation recording, voice broadcasting to confirm and reschedule appointments, and integrations.

  • Patient Experience

    Analyze call recordings, text, email, and voice feedback with the analytics engine. Identity training needs, compliance and quality needs.

  • Feedback Survey

    Seek feedback from your patients – in-person survey, website links to provide responses, and voice broadcasting option to key in responses.

  • Voice Broadcasting

    Quickly broadcast messages to seek feedback, conduct surveys, schedule, reschedule & cancel appointments, and send emergency notifications.

  • Appointment Booking

    Book a service or an appointment with a doctor or a lab on the first try across all channels – website, email, phone, or at your healthcare facility.

Healthcare Call Center Software: How Do You Operationalize?

  • How does your contact center access the relevant EMR/EHR data?
  • How does it integrate with your website, apps, and CRM? We already have pre-built integrations with many industry-leading CRM and helpdesk apps.

Once you have a single view of your patients, the care becomes better (you achieve this through omnichannel). Our cloud platform makes it easy to integrate with other best-of-breed applications. We provide dialers, voice, customizations, and integrations all bundled together. Besides, we offer them automated voice messaging, workforce management, workforce optimization, voice and text analytics, intelligence, list management services (centralized data repository), and compliance at per-minute pricing with enterprise-grade security and redundancy.

Want to check how our platform fits your needs

ClearTouch Healthcare Efficiency: Your Immediate Dose of Success

ClearTouch suite is a cloud-hosted HIPAA compliant contact center platform that provides inbound, outbound, and blended call environments. It comes with provisions for having live agents, sending automated messages, IVR-guided routing of calls to proper agents, and automated after-hours payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact centers and healthcare – do they go together?

This is a very pertinent question, as you don’t associate customer experience with healthcare. However, in the healthcare segment, we talk about the patient experience.

Many leading healthcare facilities have implemented a full-fledged contact center platform to enhance the customer service in healthcare. In fact, we have helped many healthcare facilities by implementing our platform in the past three years in India.

Almost all healthcare facilities are looking at some form of patient-facing solution.

Does your platform aid in bridging the communication gap in the healthcare space, and what challenges can it address?

Healthcare contact center platform definitely bridges the gap between the providers and the patients. It not only improves the patient experience and customer retention but also helps empower its employees to work more efficiently and effectively.

Some of the features that it includes are:

  1. We work with some of the leading healthcare facilities in appointment scheduling, post-op follow-ups, specific promotions, and integrating the contact center with all channels (CRM, website, appointment apps, chats, bots, and the like)
  2. Missed-call solutions where every patient who tries to reach a healthcare facility is addressed – no patient left behind
Healthcare is definitely a different proposition compared to other verticals. Can you elaborate on the human interface needed for its operations?

A percentage of the operations would need the human interface – after all, we are talking about patients who need support.

Most other things can be automated. For instance, for our customers, we manage appointment scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellations through an automated voice messaging system. We use the same messaging solution for patient follow-ups, reminders, feedback, and special promotions.

Besides, you have your apps and website to take appointments, which are integrated with our platform and the voice messaging system.

Then, you can have a bunch of self-service options and provisions to access your prescriptions and health records in an automated manner.

Do you think Indian healthcare needs these contact centers, or are they already functional here?

It is functionally present here, and it is a great need today. I don’t think we are at a stage where Indian healthcare needs to be educated on this. We have crossed that phase.

Now, everyone is evaluating some or the other form of a patient-facing platform that would address their specific needs.

What are the challenges encountered in this space?

Most platforms come with complex workflows, and integrations are not straightforward. Besides, the pricing models followed are not flexible.

We understood all of these challenges and broke them down into addressable pieces.

Look at these statements:

  • We operationalize our platform within 24 hours for our customers
  • Our platform is so intuitive that customers undergo 2 hours of training, and they are good to go
  • We build all the first-time customizations for our customers, free
  • We have pre-built integrations
  • Our pricing model is all-inclusive – per-minute pricing. No minimum commitments, no contracts, and no guarantee on the number of licenses
  • Our support SLAs are in hours and real-time
What is the future of these healthcare contact centers?

Every organization today talks about digital transformation, which leads to exceptional customer experiences. It is no different in the healthcare space, though the difference here is we call it the patient experience instead of the customer experience.

Contact centers are the lifeline of every customer experience initiative. This is like the fundamental building block of any healthcare facility; you cannot ignore this anymore.

Contact centers are here to stay – well and truly.

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