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The Customer Service Mantra That We Follow as a Contact Center Platform Provider

Customer Service Mantra

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Author: Vinith Kumar

We are in the business of providing an omnichannel contact center platform on the cloud. We help our customers delight their customers with the customer service they provide using our platform.

We have been helping our customers have a single view of their customers, enabling excellent customer experience across the entire customer journey.

While we are doing this, we wanted to take a step back and figure out how we are providing customer experience to our customers. That’s when we realized that we were using our platform effectively, besides bringing in the human and technology element to the engagement.

Some of the customer service practices that we follow include:

Ticketing System

Our ticketing system does not provide an SLA of 24, 48, or 72 hours. Our SLAs are always within an hour of reporting the issue. We respond to our customers within an hour, and we resolve around 80% of the problems within that timeframe. We give them a turnaround time for the rest, and we stick to it.

All our customers vouch for our turnaround times.

Customizations Are on Us

We provide all the customizations that the customers want on our platform for free. We provide our platform at a flat fee – platform, telephony, and all customizations included in it.

Training, Training, Training

We proactively write out use cases and share them with our customers on the good practices to be followed in using our platform for the benefit of their customers. Module-wise training is put together at the beginning of the engagement. Customized training for our customers follows any feature addition.  

We assess the number of red flags that our voice analytics and intelligence picks up, and have them proactively included as a part of the training.

We also train our customer support representatives extensively on product knowledge to provide resolutions to most customer issues on the fly. This allows us to address 80% of the queries in the first call itself.

We Work as a Team

We support our customers as a team, and customer experience is not restricted to our service and support teams. Everyone’s KRA is aligned with providing the best possible customer experience. It doesn’t matter which team they come from – technology, sales, service, marketing, support, HR, finance, or admin. Every action that is performed as a part of the duty in the organization is geared towards providing excellent experiences.

Every Minute Counts

We understand that customers don’t want to wait for things to work. So, we use our cloud-based contact center platform to quickly address our customers’ needs. We ensure that we provide the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

We Are Not Worried about Call-Hold Times

Recently, a Level 3 need was requested by a customer, and they wanted it for the launch of one of their products with a quick turnaround time. Our representative had the option of taking down the requirement and telling them that he would get back to them with the timeframe to address the issue.

But, what did our empowered representative do?

While listening to the need, he took the customer’s permission and conferenced a product expert on the call. The product expert got all the clarifications done on the call and provided a turnaround time of three days to add that feature. The customer was thrilled, and now we have a loyal customer for life. 

Our Platform Is up >99% Of the Time

What do we do the remaining time when it is not up. We proactively keep our customers informed of the downtimes. If it is beyond our control, we own up the responsibility and provide them with the turnaround time to get the system up and running within the shortest possible time.

As a customer experience platform provider, we handle hundreds of different processes for multiple customers worldwide. This provides us with a lot of learning, which we incorporate as a part of our customer experience delivery process. We improve at least a delta every day in providing the best possible customer experience.

About the Author: Vinith Kumar

Vinith is a person wearing many hats. Having his educational background in commerce and criminology he has spent all the years of his career at various levels of administration in different verticals of businesses like human resources, Exim Trading and Real Estate and Construction. He has been part of the ClearTouch team since its inception in 2016 in India. His vast experience has helped ClearTouch to set up its business in India and run the day-to-day functioning smoothly.
Vinith as the General Manager of ClearTouch oversees the Administration and the Financial aspects of the company. He as the authorised signatory of the company is the representative of ClearTouch in all the documentations having us as a party to it. He also handles the escalations received from clients and vendors and ensures the raised issues are resolved amicably for both sides.
Vinith has been a good team player taking along with him all his team members enabling each of them to be a part of the success story of ClearTouch. During the pandemic, he has ensured all the members of the ClearTouch family were safe and extended all possible support to each of them to overcome their crisis caused by it.