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24×7 Customer Service

Why Do We Offer 24×7 Customer Service?

Dhivakar Aridoss

Dhivakar Aridoss

Marketing Head

When we set up the office in India six years ago, we were clear: we would not compromise on customer service irrespective of whatever happens around us.

We wanted our customer service to be the differentiator in this competitive market.

We have stuck by that strategy, and are we happier?

You bet we are.

We haven’t had a customer churn in the last six years.

So, why did we decide to offer 24×7 customer service?

First, let us look at its need and how we operationalized it, and then we shall look at its benefits.

The Need – Customers Working Different Timezones

Our customers worked round the clock. They were providing customer experience services for their customers across the world in different timezones. So, they needed support through the day and the night.

We understood their support needs are time-sensitive and proposed a 24×7 customer service option.

How Did We Provide 24×7 Support?

Allocate Enough Resources

We allocated resources in multiple shifts to address the 24×7 needs. Over time, we understood the number of requests and complaints we were receiving, and we constantly relooked at the resource requirements to address our customers’ needs.

Comprehensive Employee Training

In 24×7, close to 16 hours daily and all 24 hours on weekends are considered out-of-business hours.

How do your agents handle customer queries during these off-business hours?

We gave them comprehensive technical training centered around the product and help desk software knowledge. Besides, we provided them with soft skills training that allowed them to listen to customers actively, empathize with customers, offer solutions, define timelines, and focus on time management.

Internal Knowledge Base

We collated everything about our product in the form of possible questions that customers may ask. Besides, we kept adding questions from our customers to the knowledge base. Also, every agent came across 3 to 4 unique use cases that we did not think of every week, and we added that to the knowledge base.

Doing this for the past six years has allowed us to cover most bases related to customer service.

Proper Communication Channels

We offered our customers the three preferred ways of communication – phone, email, and chat (WhatsApp).

We are available on all three and update them on the status of their queries on all three communication channels.

With this, everything happens in real time for the customers.

Self-Service Options

Most things on our platform are intuitive, and our customers can use them easily. Any platform requires intervention, and we have the most commonplace things in the form of self-service manuals, FAQs, and self-help videos, which the customers can access themselves.

Anything beyond that, our customer service reps are available on three channels 24×7.

What Are the Benefits of 24×7 Customer Service?

Cut Down on Customer Churn

A 24×7 strategy can reduce the first response and average resolution times. Fast and responsive customer support will help prevent minor issues from escalating into major concerns. Timely assistance can lessen the likelihood of customers abandoning a product or a service.

I am happy to state that we haven’t had a single customer churn in the past six years.

Provide Confidence to Customers

Many of our customers address the needs of organizations worldwide. They work in different time zones using our platform. Our availability 24×7 gives them the confidence to offer back-to-back SLAs to their end customers.

We have had cases where our customers have praised our customer service – especially our response times and resolution times. With us, you don’t have to talk to an automated ticketing system; our people are available to assist you.

Improved Brand Reputation

Response within minutes and resolution within hours keep our customers very happy. Our 24×7 presence signals our commitment to providing timely assistance to our customers.

This helps enhance and maintain a positive brand reputation.

Increased Sales

Customers are likely to buy more and more from a provider who provides them with positive customer experiences. So, offering 24×7 customer service can help boost sales and increase customer lifetime value.

Our initial commitment to offering our customers the best possible service has stood us in great stead all these years.

We are constantly looking at ways to enhance our customer service offerings, which would provide peace of mind for our customers. We regularly seek feedback from our customers and act on their feedback diligently.

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