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Secret to Fine-Tuning Your Customer Experience

What Is the Secret to Fine-Tuning Your Customer Experience?

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Executive Vice President

One thing that Singaporeans are unabashedly proud of is definitely Singapore Changi Airport. It is a shining example of providing a great experience to travelers.

Air travel can be stressful, especially when you have layovers for more than 4 to 6 hours. At Changi, you won’t feel the stress.

When you ask Singapore people about places you should spend time as a tourist, they would always have Changi Airport on the list.

What Is So Great About Changi Airport?

These are all things that Changi excels at, with its efficient arrival and departure journeys and unique offerings like:

  • Catch a movie – they have a free cinema on offer. The movies play continuously, and you have comfy seats. 
  • Check out some butterflies – it has its own butterfly garden, and you can marvel at the spectacle as thousands of butterflies flutter through the colorful flowers and plant life.
  • Experience some nature – the cactus garden with an open-air bar and live music; the sunflower garden with an array of sunflowers with the vantage point to do some plane watching; and the enchanted garden, which treats your ears to relaxing bird sounds.
  • Go on a shopping spree with 350 varying stores.
  • Enjoy a free massage.
  • Go for a dip – while this isn’t free, the rooftop pool and jacuzzi offer an excellent opportunity to lounge around and use the shower facilities.
  • Kids entertainment zone – walk into the experience zone and put your kids in front of a suite of XBox 360s, PS3s, and other gaming devices.
  • Brave the giant slide – embrace your inner child and give this four-storey super-slide a whirl.
  • Grab some shuteye – you have snooze zones equipped with comfy recliner chairs that contour to your body and let you catch some deserved sleep.
  • Sign up for Singapore’s free city bus tour at the airport.

These experiences have made Changi clinch the top spot in Skytrax’s World Airport Awards 2023.

The passengers sought none of these experiences. It was provided based on understanding passengers’ needs, and they are a massive hit with travelers.

If you spend a couple of days in Singapore, you will hear people talk about Changi at least half-a-dozen times.

Changi understood the secret to fine-tuning the experiences, making them a tourist spot no other airport can compete with.

Changi has bagged a whopping 566 awards and is considered the most-awarded airport in the world.

What Do We, as Customer Experience (CX) Professionals, Learn from This?

  1. Personalization at scale – understand your customer’s preferences and cater to them individually. Changi excels at tailoring services, from diverse dining options to entertainment, creating a personalized experience for every traveler.
  2. Seamless journey – you are never lost at Changi. Changi has mastered this by providing smooth connections between flights, well-designed wayfinding, and user-friendly technology to streamline processes like check-in and security screenings.
  3. Innovative facilities and amenities – continuously invest in innovative facilities and amenities to surprise and delight customers. Changi Airport’s amenities, such as rooftop gardens, movie theaters, and swimming pools, create unique and enjoyable experiences beyond the typical airport environment.
  4. Partnerships and collaborations – collaborate with businesses and brands to enhance the overall customer experience. Changi has partnered with airlines, retail brands, and tourism organizations to offer exclusive deals and promotions, offering extra value to travelers.
  5. Accessibility and inclusivity – ensure your services and facilities are accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities or special needs. Changi Airport prioritizes accessibility with barrier-free pathways, dedicated assistance services, and special facilities for travelers with disabilities.
  6. Staff training and empowerment – invest in comprehensive training for your staff to ensure they are knowledgeable, empathetic, and capable of providing top-notch customer service. Empower your employees to make decisions that benefit the customers and give them the authority to resolve issues promptly.
  7. Customer feedback and improvement – actively gather and use customer feedback to drive improvements. Changi regularly seeks input from travelers and uses this data to enhance services, address pain points, and stay ahead of evolving customer needs.

There is so much to learn from these experiences. Most of them are proactively initiatives, and with the feedback loop, they are continuously innovating, improvising, and improving.

Following these principles adopted by Changi Airport, businesses can fine-tune their customer experiences.

This will create memorable and positive interactions that keep customers returning for more.

Let us create experiences in the Changi way.

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