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Keep Track of Everything – Should This Be Your Contact Center Mantra?

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Executive Vice President

Have you ever called a contact center and you were greeted with the following message “Thank you for calling COMPANYNAME, your call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance and training purpose?”

Well… why do contact centers have to listen in on conversations between their customers and agents?

There are many reasons and perhaps the most important reason is for ensuring customer satisfaction. Naturally, a contact center has a lot of vested interest in ensuring that their callers are handled well. After all, happy callers mean better revenues and profitability.

Some of the Specific Reasons as to Why Contact Centers Monitor and Record Calls Include:

  • First call resolutions – whether the callers are being handled well and do their queries get resolved in the first call itself
  • Sales closures – whether the agents are using the right techniques in closing sales
  • Script adherence – whether the agents are adhering to the scripts and does it require any improvisation
  • Agent behavior – whether agents behave properly with their callers

This would allow a contact center to figure, if the agents need to be equipped with any additional tools to handle their customers better. There may be newer responses and objections from customers which the contact center did not foresee. Those can be addressed effectively once you start to record and monitor calls. They can go as a part of your new query handling system or FAQs

What kind of training is needed for the callers to be efficient? Irrespective of the type of contact center that you run, be it outbound, inbound or an hybrid, it allows to figure out the gaps both in terms of skills and process and make course corrections. You can improvise the process and train your resources better to handle customers well and to improve sales or cross-sell your other offerings.

This is the best tool to give positive feedback to agents on their performance, behavior, and skills. Simply, making your agents sit in front of a script will not equip them to use their skills and voices as effectively, which your feedback can help do.

Most agents however don’t like to be monitored and that is obvious. However, this can act as an valuable aid for the agents as well.

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How Does It Help the Agents?

  • How many calls do you get on a daily basis where a customer says that he did not request for the product or service?
  • How many customers call and say that they complained about a damaged product three days ago and all they got in return was a complaint number and nothing else?

In these scenarios, you don’t have to deny or accept. All you have to do is just pull up the recording and calmly review the call in question with the customers. This would resolve their queries to their satisfaction and this leads to happy agents and happier customers.

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