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Workforce Management Helps Deliver Better Customer Experience

Workforce Management Helps Deliver Better Customer Experiences – Would You Agree?

Dhivakar Aridoss

Dhivakar Aridoss

Marketing Head

Workforce management allows you to forecast, schedule, and manage intraday days effectively, ensuring that the right number of agents with the right skills are available to address customer queries.

Does it help better customer experiences?

Here are the facts

Resource Allocation and Scheduling

According to an ICMI study, having the right number of agents available can reduce customer wait times by up to 80% and increase customer satisfaction by 25%.

The International Journal of Engineering and Management Research reported that companies using advanced forecasting tools within workforce management systems can achieve up to 90% forecasting accuracy rates.

In a contact center, having the right number of agents with the necessary skills available at the right times is critical.

Workforce management solutions use historical data, predictive analytics, and forecasting algorithms to determine optimal staffing levels and create efficient schedules.

Cost Reduction

Aberdeen Group’s research indicates that organizations using workforce management solutions see an average 26% reduction in labor costs.

Have you ever faced overstaffing or understaffing issues? It can lead to increased labor costs and inefficiencies.

Workforce management helps in balancing staffing levels and optimizing labor costs.

Employee Satisfaction

A study by Mercer found that organizations with solid workforce management practices have an employee turnover rate of 17% lower than those without such practices.

Do you provide your employees with more predictable schedules and workload management?

Workforce management solutions can improve job satisfaction, reduce turnover, and boost employee morale.

Customer Service Quality

A study by Dimension Data found that 82% of organizations using workforce management solutions reported an improvement in the quality of customer service.

Do I feel overwhelmed with my work schedule? Am I being pushed to do more than what is possible to achieve in a day? These typical concerns don’t allow employees to provide the best possible customer service.

Workforce management helps optimize employees’ work schedules and make it easier for everyone, thereby improving the quality of customer service.


An American Payroll Association report suggests that automated workforce management systems can reduce compliance errors by up to 45%.

Are you in a regulated industry like healthcare or finance, where there are a lot of compliance requirements for you to fulfill?

Don’t fret. Workforce management solutions ensure compliance with labor laws and industry regulations by tracking and documenting work hours, breaks, and rest periods.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

A Harvard Business Review study found that customers with a positive service experience are likely to spend 140% more than customers with negative experiences.

Do you have knowledgeable agents available to provide prompt and efficient customer service?

Do your customers have to wait for long before they get to receive your service?

Workforce management allows you to ensure that knowledgeable agents are available to address customer queries – leading to greater loyalty and repeat business.

Average Handling Time

A study by Salesforce found that organizations that effectively use workforce management tools can achieve a 32% reduction in Average Handling Time (AHT).

How do you do your routing to the agents with the right skills? There are intelligent routing solutions that do the routing based on skills, availability, and time zones.

Who provides the necessary inputs for the routing solutions?

Workforce management solutions can help optimize agent skills and provide inputs for efficient routing. This helps reduce the time taken to resolve customer queries, leading to shorter AHTs. 

Employee Empowerment

A report by Deloitte highlighted that companies with self-service capabilities for employees through workforce management tools saw a 47% increase in employee satisfaction.

Modern workforce management solutions often include self-service portals for employees to manage their schedules and time off. This empowers agents and reduces administrative burdens.

Service Level Compliance

A Customer Contact Week Digital study found that organizations that use real-time workforce management solutions experience a 41% reduction in service level violations.

Workforce management tools provide real-time visibility into contact center performance, allowing for quick adjustments to staffing or agent assignments based on changing conditions.

Real-Time Adaptation

In our last 20+ years of helping organizations with their customer experience functions, we have realized that customers consider it essential for companies to have adequate staff during high-demand periods.

We have ensured that companies are geared to adequately staff themselves during peak periods with our workforce management solutions in real-time.

Multi-Channel Support

One of our customer experience studies found that 75% of consumers expect consistent support across all communication channels, highlighting the importance of multi-channel and omnichannel experiences.

Our workforce management solutions help allocate resources across all the communication channels based on demand.

The contact center is at the heart of every customer experience function, and workforce management ensures that organizations have everything they need to deliver customer excellence.

Often, contact centers sign up with workforce management solutions separately and try to integrate them with the contact center platform.

This adds to the complexity.

Ideally, you should look for a pre-integrated platform with workforce management tools. This will remove the dependence on multiple vendors to help customer experience, and support leaders streamline contact center operations and enhance their CX.

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