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Cloud Contact Centers Enhance CX

How Can Cloud Contact Centers Enhance Customer Experience?

Dhivakar Aridoss

Dhivakar Aridoss

Marketing Head

Most contact centers have moved to the cloud or are in the process of moving to the cloud. It is done mainly for its flexibility and scalability in managing customer interactions.

Cloud makes it a level playing field for contact centers irrespective of their size and can help them enhance the customer experience.

Let us take a moment to define the attributes of a full-blown cloud contact center.

  • You’ll be able to administer your contact center platform as if you were on-premise
  • Support true multi-tenancy – sharing data and storage
  • Built as-a-service technology, allowing you to administer easily, tenantize, and segment data
  • You don’t manage or maintain any hardware servers at the data center
  • You don’t need to sign a massive contract with the vendor for the number of seats or contract duration

How Do Cloud Contact Centers Enhance Customer Experience?

I have covered some specific ways by which it can enhance customer experience.

Improved Accessibility

All you need to access the cloud contact center is a working browser and an active Internet connection. Your agents can access using any device, from anywhere and anytime.

Besides, cloud contact centers make it easy to integrate multiple channels into the platform – email, phone, chat, email, website, bots, mobile apps, and the like.

Cloud contact centers can also be integrated with other best-of-breed IT solutions like CRM, ERP, and helpdesk software. This allows you to access all customer interaction points from your contact center interface.

With all this, customers can reach out to you through their preferred channels. Also, your agents would be able to provide the best possible customer experience because they have access to a single view of the customers as all customer interaction interfaces are integrated.

Personalize the Experience

With the cloud and a single view of customers, you can access all customer interactions across all interfaces and channels. This provides you with funds of information on the customers.

This would allow you to personalize the experiences and improve the experience and conversion.

For instance, let us assume that your customer has looked at your Airline branded credit card offering on his mobile application. Now, he visits your website, and you have this information.

You can personalize your customer’s experience by displaying the airline-branded credit card and its advantages. Also, you can provide an easy call-to-action for the customer to take the next steps.

I am assuming that the customer doesn’t take the bait. You can further personalize it the next time the customer visits. How about giving the customer an offer – all annual fees waived for the customer alone for a specific period?

This increases the likelihood of converting this customer.

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Low Entry Barrier

You can have an enterprise-class contact center platform with the cloud at a per-minute pricing.

You can have all the channels you want, integrate with your systems, and have a single view of your customers at subscription pricing.

This makes it easy for any organization in the business of providing customer experience to enhance it.

Scale Up and Down Quickly

You can scale up and down the number of agents per your business needs. This can be done at the click of a button.

How about scaling up and down the functionality?

For instance, if you want to add the functionality of voice analytics for a particular process, you can add it just for that process. Likewise, you can add or remove functionality like business intelligence, call recording, screen recording, etc.

Faster Implementation Time

Typically with on-premise solutions, the fastest ones can implement your contact center platform in anywhere from 45 to 180 days.

With a cloud contact center, you can get your platform up and running within 48 hours. This is what happened with the onset of the pandemic – many of them moved to work from home within 48 hours using cloud contact centers.

Cost Savings

You don’t need a dedicated team to manage your cloud infrastructure, which is a significant saving. You don’t pay any hefty license fee for the platform, no hardware licensing and maintenance components, and it adds to the savings.

Overall, cloud contact centers offer several benefits that can enhance the customer experience. These included improved accessibility, personalized experiences, low entry barrier, flexibility, scalability, faster implementation time, and cost savings.

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