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Demand generation call centers

Five Key Technology Features That Demand Generation Call Centers Need to Have

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Executive Vice President

Let us first understand what demand generation is. 

Demand generation is a process of creating targeted interest for a product or a service. The accurate metric of any successful demand generation program is a lead interested in engaging with your product or service. 

Why Are We Talking About Call Centers Doing Demand Generation?

Most enterprises have multiple channels through which they can generate leads. They are good with some of those channels, and they are not even scratching the surface with other channels. 

In such cases, the enterprises look for help from outside. This is where the demand generation call centers come into the picture. About 60% of enterprises outsource at least a part of their demand generation process. 

Now, we understand that enterprises outsource their demand generation to call centers. Now, do we know what infrastructure the call centers should have to maximize the possibilities of demand? 

Well, that is what we are going to see in this article. 

Calling Infrastructure 

Most call centers need a robust infrastructure to make outbound calls and receive inbound calls, with a possible list management service. You should be able to slice and dice your lists and organize them before you place calls through. 

It would help if you had manual, predictive, and preview dialing capabilities. Depending on what is being promoted, you can opt for one of the dialing processes.  

When receiving inbound calls, you should have automatic call distribution (ACD), queue management with appropriate IVR messages, and intelligent routing based on skills, time of day, and location from which the call originated. 

This is the basic infrastructure needed for call centers to start their demand generation process. 

Live Web Chats

As a call center, you should also handle the website chat application. Customers today prefer to get their queries answered through chats, which can act as a pre-qualification of your leads. 

Once you pre-qualify, you can pass this information to the lead generation team to qualify.

Strong Integrations 

Let us assume the enterprise manages their content marketing strategy themselves through which they syndicate content on their website and post them on social channels. All of these would drive traffic to their website, and the visitors would engage with your content, and before downloading them, they would provide their contact information. 

This would get captured in their CRM system. Now, integration with their CRM allows the call center access to this pre-qualified information. They can directly call from their dialer using the CRM data and qualify the leads before passing them onto sales for further engagement. 

Automated Interactive Voice Messaging Systems (AIVMS)

Let us assume that you have a huge list that runs into millions, and you only have a limited number of agents to contact them. 

You would still need months to call this list despite having predictive dialing capabilities. 

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What Do You Do Then?

You send an automated voice message to this vast list at the click of a button, with an option for them to respond. Only those who respond positively get pulled out and sent to the agents for qualification. 

AIVMS allows the call center to cover the entire list in a shorter duration of time, with the productive use of agents’ time to qualify the pre-qualified leads. 

Email Marketing 

You have millions of contacts that you want to reach. You have an email blasting platform that sends promotional information to these contacts. 

Those who respond get captured in their email marketing platform or on their CRM. Integration with the email marketing platform and CRM allows agents to prioritize this list and call them directly from their dialers instead of sending the data between platforms and duplicating them. 

As a demand generation call center, these are five basic technological features that you need to have. Besides, you may also want to integrate with their customer service systems to identify newer opportunities and messaging for your products and services.

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