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Customer Centric Strategy

Customer-Centric Strategy – 8 Things for Your Business to Be More Customer-Centric

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Executive Vice President

We are in the business of providing contact center platforms for our customers. We have customers from industries like BFSI, retail, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, collections, and BPOs.

We have been talking about how to be customer-centric and how do you enhance customer experience. We have written numerous blogs on those, and we provide the technology to help customers deliver the best possible customer experience.

We wanted to take a step back to see what good practices we as an organization follow to be customer-centric.

8 Customer-Centric Strategy

  1. We don’t charge our customers anything extra for the new features we add. We are a cloud contact center provider, and every customer of ours gets every additional feature at the exact per-minute cost we bill them.
  2. Whenever you have an issue, you have someone who would help you resolve your queries and also help with your customization needs. For instance, our SLAs are typically in hours and not days.
    If I have to quote another example, you would probably spend 20 minutes on a call with our agent to get a reporting template created, unlike organizations who charge you for 2 FTEs for six weeks to do the same
  3. We help you scale up and down per your business needs. For instance, you have 20 agents consuming 4500 minutes daily, and you want to release some of your agents to work on something else, and the number of minutes per day gets reduced to 2500. Absolutely no issues; we call this one of our platform’s advantages.
    No more contracts. No minimum guarantees. We only charge per minute, irrespective of the number of agents you use
  4. We welcome pilots. We ensure that our platform addresses your organization’s needs with our pilot. If you are not convinced – no questions asked, we pull it back. To give you a statistic, more than 95% of organizations who opted for our pilot signed up and continue to be on our platform.
  5. We declare the downtime honestly and in real-time. While we deliver more than 99% uptime, we still communicate the < 1% downtime upfront to our customers, which will allow them to plan their work.
  6. We constantly look at ways by which we can help our customers improve the experience for their end users. We add features almost every month through our own development initiatives, partnerships, and acquisitions. For example, we added four major and 12 minor features last year
  7. All our customizations come free pre-implementation. We don’t charge you for the customizations on our platform to suit your business.
  8. Our platform comes with pre-built integrations with leading software systems and solutions. If you don’t find the system you want to integrate on our list, we’d be happy to do it for you – the only caveat being that APIs should be made available

We haven’t had a customer churn in the last five years. Isn’t that proof that we are doing something great here? It is not just about the platform features but also its usability and the support we offer.

We didn’t want to go trumpeting about what we do. However, we wrote this up as we thought these are pointers that would help anyone who wants to build a customer-centric organization.

The fundamental quality of everything we do is that we have the customers in the middle of everything we do.

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