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What Drives the Best Practices in Customer Experience Around the World?

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Executive Vice President

Recently, forbes came up with the top 25 examples of best customer experiences around the world. The bottom line is that all customers want to feel valued and be provided with convenient solutions.

I am going to cover some of the examples here and also write a little bit about what empowers them to provide the kind of service that they do.

  • John Lewis – top multichannel retailer for customer experience in the UK. Employees are empowered with technology that keeps them up to date on in-stock items and customer data for personalized interactions and recommendations
  • Yves Rocher – earns top marks in France in the cosmetics segment. Yves Rocher uses social media to educate customers on products and tutorials to take out much of the guesswork of cosmetics
  • Lloyds Bank – top UK bank for customer experience. Lloyds Bank has one of the best financial apps in Europe and also leverage other technology, including integration with Amazon Alexa for easy access to bank information
  • DPD – the delivery company recently received the top service Germany award. The company leverages a mobile app to offer live tracking of packages and even allows customers to change the delivery with just a few clicks
  • E.Sun Bank – known for providing easy and enjoyable banking services to customers in Taiwan. It was the first bank in Taiwan to use Chatbot to guide customers through complicated lending issues and answer financial questions
  • Bendigo Bank – focuses on customer relationships and has given back to local community to the tune of $205 million. Bendigo invests in digital platform to provide convenient financial solutions to customers on the go.
  • Avianca – the Columbian airline is known of its customer service. Avianca creates the profile for each customer with information about their past trips and interactions with the company using technology. They make use of demographics and preferences as well.

What Is Common in All of These Examples?

When you look at them – it is their usage of technology and practices that are attuned towards offering great customer service.

The most important piece is the ability that they provide for the customers to reach out to them and the ability for them to reach out to their customers. All of this is focused towards providing easy, simple, and enjoyable experiences and interactions for the customers.

How Do You Go About Making Things Easy, Simple and Enjoyable?

The basic and fundamental piece of technology needed for this would be a contact center platform that can be integrated with various digital platforms, social platforms and best-of-breed applications.

This would allow you to provide the right kind of experiences for your customers.

Have you gotten yourself a good contact center platform to provide the kind of customer service that will allow you to grow? Of course, the platform should allow you to add the bells and whistles to it, as you scale.

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