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Human Connections in Customer Experience

Authentic Human Connections Are at the Core of Customer Experience

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Executive Vice President

Would you agree if I say that authentic connections with your customers are the most significant part of the customer experience play?

Customers today yearn for an authentic human connection with the brands they patronize. You can’t treat your customers as metrics.

Let us look at two brands that believe in great human connections.


It builds personal, emotional connections with customers and encourages its employees to have open-ended conversations that go beyond mere transactions. They aren’t too concerned by the Average Handling Time (AHT) of calls.

Besides, have you heard of the Zappos customer service call that lasted 10 hours and 43 minutes?

Zappos’ core values include Delivering Wow and a culture of service. The company’s culture is built on the idea that employees should treat customers like friends and family.

Most often, Zappos customer service goes above and beyond their job description. This allows them to offer personalized and relevant customer service.

Zappos customer service has helped customers find the perfect gift for a friend and helped customers plan a vacation.

These personalized and friendly interactions are the main reasons why Zappos gets referred by their customers to others.

Trader Joe’s

It displays a sense of personality and fun from employee attitudes to product labels.

Trader Joe’s employees are friendly, knowledgeable about products, and have easy customer conversations.

Their outlets are always clean and bright, are designed to be welcoming and inviting and sell a variety of products that you won’t find anywhere else.

Feelings of excitement and discovery are central to everything you do at Trader Joe’s. Besides, they are involved in several community initiatives, which help build relationships with its customers and the customers it serves.

What Do We Do About Our Customer Experience?

Zappos and Trader Joe’s are great examples to emulate. However, there is a lot of technology at play in today’s environment, and how do we manage to provide human connections in such a scenario?

Humanizing technology is crucial to offering better customer experiences. Here are a few pointers that you can use to do this:


Collect and analyze customer data to personalize communication – past purchase history, preferences, and earlier interactions. Use these to tailor recommendations and responses.

Implement personalization algorithms to provide content and suggestions that align with each customer’s unique needs and interests.

Have you shopped at Amazon, and how often have you been tempted to buy something based on Amazon’s recommendation engine?

How often have you been unsuccessful in closing Netflix, as the suggestions it provides are undeniably addictive?

Chatbots with Personality

Develop chatbots and virtual assistants with a friendly and empathetic tone. Use conversational language and acknowledge emotions.

Incorporate AI to understand and respond to customer sentiment, allowing chatbots to adjust their responses accordingly.

At any point, allow your customers to speak to an agent seamlessly.

Interactive Self-Service

Create self-service options that are easy to navigate and understand. Incorporate user-friendly interfaces and provide interactive guides or videos.

To guide customers through complex tasks, offer real-time assistance like chat support or co-browsing.

Emotion Recognition

Utilize AI and sentiment analysis to recognize and respond to customer emotions. This can help agents and chatbots to adjust their approach and empathy level during interactions.

Train customer service representatives to actively listen to and acknowledge customer emotions and provide empathetic responses.


Omnichannel Platform Ensure that all the channels and interfaces are tightly integrated. This would allow your customer-facing representatives and chatbots to have a single view of your customers irrespective of the channel or the interface where the interaction happened.

Feedback Loops

Ensure that you collect feedback from your customers on everything related to CX. Also, ensure that you act on this feedback to make continuous improvements.

Use feedback data to drive technology, policies, and training changes to enhance the customer experience.

The goal will be to use technology to enhance human interactions rather than replace them. This will provide customers with a more personalized and emotionally resonant experience.

By humanizing technology, businesses can build stronger, more empathetic customer relationships, increase customer satisfaction, and foster loyalty.

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