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Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Customer Experience – The Endless Possibilities

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Executive Vice President

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in customer experience context is not future technology, it is here now, and today you can use it to drive excellent customer experiences.

The social media and eCommerce industry initially adopted AI. After that, several businesses focused on consumers started looking at chatbots. Some kept it as rule-based engines improvising them based on customer behavior. Others moved towards integrating them with natural language processing engines to learn and improvise independently.

This is how AI evolved as a part of the digital transformation initiatives, and now we are looking at advanced capabilities to enhance the customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence Drives Customer Experience: Some Use Cases

Frequently Asked Queries: AI can understand them, and it can start to handle them as part of conversational AI. About 40 to 60% of customer queries are repetitive, which means AI can help you free up your agent’s time substantially to handle complex queries.

Product Recommendations: AI can understand data and extract customer behavioral patterns in the blink of an eye. This data can help create customer personas, match consumers to products they are more likely to buy, and provide personalized recommendations.

AI engines can understand data from various sources like customer interactions, geo-specific events, purchasing behaviors, heat maps on the website, and referral sources, among others.

The more you know about the customers, the more relevant the recommendations by the AI engine will be.

Uncover Customer Issues: AI can assess all the customer support requests and the solution provided for those. It can identify patterns and commonalities in the answers, which can be turned into a self-help FAQ and handled by conversational AI.

Lead Generation: AI-powered chatbots are programmed to do lead generation efficiently. It can use preprogrammed questions to validate leads before moving them on to sales for closure. Chatbots can even start the conversation based on the prospect’s browsing behavior, and it can help upsell existing customers.

Content Customization: AI makes it possible to send highly personalized mails to your customers by analyzing their behavior in your web properties like blog posts, resources content, browsing habits, initial interactions with your emails, and time spent on a web page.

It can identify patterns and choose the right content to be sent as a promotional mailer. This sucks a lot of bandwidth for every marketing function, and AI can automate this and make it more efficient.

Always On: Once you train your bots and define the workflow, they can perform most repetitive tasks efficiently, and with time, they become intelligent to handle more complex tasks. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about availability, and you can assist your customers 24×7.

AI has the power to enhance your customer experience at every step of the buyer’s journey. With AI, you can clearly map your customers, their wants, needs, desires, and their behavior patterns – you can offer endless ways to improve customer experience.

We are only scratching the surface on the usefulness of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the possibilities are endless.

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