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Grow Your Business by Punching Above Your Weight – Customer Service Perspective!

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Executive Vice President

  • Do better customer service help organizations grow?
  • Can customer service be a competitive differentiator?
  • Would you as an organization invest in providing better customer service?
  • Should customer service be a part of your DNA?

The answer to all of the questions should be in the affirmative.

Let us look at how digital has influenced the way business is done today. Digital has made it possible for some of the smallest and leanest businesses to appear much larger than they are and competing with long-established, high-volume and high-staffed operations.

Instagram had only 13 employees when it was bought by Facebook for $1bn.

WhatsApp only had 55 employees when it was sold for $20bn.

These were a couple of examples on lean and small. This doesn’t mean that larger businesses cannot grow. They can continue to grow and be more effective with smallest of changes in digital.

A report by IDC forecasts that the digital economy in the Asia-Pacific region will represent a whopping 60% of its GDP in 2021. IDC also forecasts that by 2022, 80% of enterprise revenue growth will depend directly on digital offerings and operations. This was a study commissioned by Microsoft and it was done through a survey of 1560 decision makers across 15 APAC economies.

How do you address customers who are fueling this digital growth? There are ways to do it, irrespective of whether you are a smaller company or a larger company. Your customer service also ought to turn digital, which would allow you to punch above your weight.

The Channels That the Customers Prefer

Customers prefer to reach out to brands through web, email, phone, social, and review sites and all of this will have to be integrated along with your contact center platform. You need to have one view of your customers so that your agents can provide the service that is expected of your brand.

In addition to the integration of multiple channels, you may need to integrate with enterprise applications like CRM and Help Desk. This would allow you to proactively address the needs of your customers, improving their loyalty.

Customer Service Use Case

Take for instance, someone is complaining about your brand in a review site on the web. The likelihood of you monitoring it is very minimal in real-time. However, if your customer service platform is integrated with those complaint sites, you would be able to respond in real-time. This would help control the damage at the early stages itself.

When you follow that up with a resolution of the complaint, your brand would gain immense value out of it. This would reinforce the fact that you value your customer relationships and handle customer issues as and when it happens apart from being proactive.

This would make your service or offering a preferred choice for your customers.

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