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Customer service in banks

Five Key Features to Provide Exceptional Customer Service in Banking Industry

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Executive Vice President

Example of Excellent Customer Service in Banking

Vikram and his wife plan to have a child, and they want to move out of their cramped apartment in Chennai and move to the suburbs. They check out different banking websites on home loans that are available. They find an offer a bank is running, which talked about 6.5% interest on home loans. 

They decide to check out the offer, and they set up an appointment for 10 am the next day with a home loan expert by interacting with the web chat option on the bank’s website. 

At 10 am, the next day, when they reach the local branch, they are greeted by the loan expert. The loan expert gets Vikram and his wife to fill out basic information about themselves on his tablet. This gets sent to their backend, and they create a basic customer profile.

Vikram and his wife get all their doubts clarified, and they walk away from the bank satisfied. An hour later, they receive an email from the loan expert in the bank summarizing their conversation and all the details related to the home loan offer, including their eligibility to avail of the loan. 

The loan expert also leaves them with the customer service number if they need further information or clarifications.  

Vikram and his wife decide to go with this bank for the home loan, and knowing how much loan they can avail themselves of, they start to hunt for a house. Meanwhile, they call customer service and get help filling up the online application for the home loan, and they get it approved. They find a place that fulfills their needs within ten days, and with the pre-approved loan, they do the formalities in the next ten days.

The customer service platform seeks feedback from Vikram using its automated voice messaging system. Vikram responds that he cannot be happier.  

After this interaction, Vikram gets an email listing the input provided and how to reach customer service quickly. 

Now, Vikram and his wife are proud homeowners in the suburbs, and they look forward to the baby’s arrival into their family. 

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What a Customer Experience, Right?

It’s clean and frictionless. Vikram and his wife would likely talk about this experience with all their friends and family members.  

In all, they interacted with eight touchpoints, and the integrated customer service and management system at the bank allowed them to have a seamless experience.  

How to Improve Customer Service in Banking Industry?

Here are the 5 most advanced ways to improve your customer service.

1. Integrated Systems

All the bank systems have tight integrations, which allows them to capture every customer interaction and create a 360-degree view of the customer. The system knew the customer’s need and all their interactions at every touchpoint – both digital and physical. 

2. Self-Service Capabilities and Availability of Live Agents and Experts

It provided customers with self-service options for regular tasks like searching for information and setting up appointments. When it came to tasks like educating the customer, their expert stepped in. When it came to filling up the application, their customer service stepped in and helped them. 

3. Cloud Contact Center Platform

They implemented a cloud contact center platform for providing customer service and ensuring customer experience. They were available 24/7 as the platform allowed their agents to work from anywhere, anytime, and using any device.

4. Automated Interactive Messaging 

The bank used an automated voice messaging system to seek feedback from the customer. It is integrated with the mailing system to update the customer and record their input in the backend. 

5. Omnichannel Banking 

All the channels are integrated to provide one view of the customer.

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