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Call Center Voice Analytics

Reveal deep business insights.

Our platform uses advanced call center voice analytics software to identify specific words, phrases, acoustic measures, call metadata, and even the amount of silence on a call to help your organization better understand your customers. ClearTouch’s Voice Analytics software uses recorded audio and converts them into structured data for searching and analyzing.

A Comprehensive Guide to Call Center Voice Analytics

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“I have been a long-time user of ClearTouch and it has been an invaluable tool for my business. We’ve been using the voice analytics feature to identify areas where we can improve customer service and drive a positive impact on our metrics. It’s a good interactive way to present data in a way that is easy to interpret and understand.”

– Our Customer in Healthcare Industry

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the customer experience function, voice analytics is the process of analyzing recorded voice calls and generating insights to enhance customer experience (CX) and ensure compliance to standards and specifications.

It can be used to identify specific words, phrases, acoustic measures, call metadata, and even the amount of silence on a call.

Only 2% of the recorded calls get analyzed in call centers. That too, only when there is a burning issue like compliance or disputes. The rest of the recorded calls lies there in the storage servers.

Organizations typically leave a lot of money on the storage servers by not analyzing them. Some of the reasons cited were that it is a time-consuming process. This is why organizations need a voice analytics solution.

With a voice analytics solution, you can analyze the recorded voice calls in no time. That can throw up compliance issues, misselling, privacy issues – either warn the agent or escalate to a manager to take corrective action.

Voice is the primary form of communication in a call center. There are a whole bunch of learnings that can come from voice.

For instance, the agent may not be aware of the growing ire of the customer, but the computer recording the call would. It can analyze if a customer is irritated, stressed, or plain disappointed with the interaction they had with your organization.

An organization can get important business insights by analyzing a huge volume of call data.

Voice analytics uses audio from recorded calls and converts them into structured data for searching and analyzing. The tools also utilize other associated data, such as customer profile information or when the customer interaction occurred. A text transcript is also extracted from the call.

Its features include advanced search and filtering, enterprise-grade speech recognition and transcription, contextual call playback data, tagging and commenting, transcript visualization, and full PCI redaction.

The search works in a custom fashion. It includes a highly flexible search engine for quickly and easily finding and retrieving calls through the free-form combination of keywords, phrases, acoustic measures, filler words, and call metadata.

The most important aspect of customer experience is you seeking feedback from your customers as to whether they find you Good, Bad, or Ugly. For that, you run customer satisfaction surveys. Then you analyze that data and develop your CSAT and NPS kind of metrics.

Imagine running the survey as a voice feedback system where your customers provide their feedback in natural speech. Your voice analytics engine can read between the lines and understand things that would never have been possible for you otherwise. Armed with this information, you can provide the best possible experience to your customers.

Voice analytics can help increase your contact center efficiency, agent performance, and customer experience while reducing compliance risks. Overall, it can help your brand grow and save you a lot of money:

  • The top reasons why people call and what you can do about it
  • Reduce the cost of callbacks as a result of improved first-call resolution (FCR) rates
  • Avoid penalty fines and damages by maintaining compliance with data records
  • Lowest cost per call with improved average handle time (AHT)
  • Provide information about customer satisfaction and competitive intelligence
  • Reduce customer churn by predicting at-risk customers
  • Improve quality monitoring
  • Provide targeted coaching to individual employees by analyzing their performance
  • Reduced call volumes by identifying typical call issues and customizing self-service options to provide a solution


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