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Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Call Answerability Rate Right!

Get Your Call Answerability Rate

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Author: Dhivakar Aridoss

The call answer rate, also known as call answerability rate or call pickup rate, is a metric that measures the percentage of incoming calls that are answered by a person or an automated system within a specified time frame. A high call-answer rate is crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction and efficient communication.

This article will examine how to increase the call-answering rate and how technology contributes to this improvement.

Efficient Call Routing


Calls often go unanswered due to ineffective call routing systems.


Implement an intelligent call routing system that directs incoming calls to the right department or individual based on predetermined criteria. This ensures that calls reach the appropriate party promptly.

ClearTouch Operator has an intelligent routing solution that can do skill-based, location-based, and time-based routing.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems


Call centers may struggle to manage a high volume of calls manually.


Deploy an IVR system that allows callers to interact with a menu and be directed to the right department or information. This reduces the workload on human operators and ensures more efficient call handling.

ClearTouch Operator has an easily configurable and customizable IVR system that can be tweaked per your needs. It can be configured based on pre-defined criteria like customer mobile number, customer IDs, and their categorization.

Call Queuing Management


Long wait times can result in dropped calls or customer frustration.


Implement effective call queuing systems that inform callers about their position in the queue and provide estimated wait times. This transparency can reduce hang-ups and improve the overall caller experience.

ClearTouch Operator prides itself on its call queue management functionality. It can inform customers about their position in the queue and the likely time it would take for them to be heard. Besides, it can also prioritize callers based on various parameters like purchased products, average revenue realization, subscription to premium services, etc.

Call Forwarding


Missed calls may occur when employees are away from their desks or unavailable.


Enable call forwarding options and integrate mobile devices into the communication system. This allows calls to be redirected to available staff members or mobile phones, reducing the chances of calls going unanswered.

ClearTouch Operator considers this scenario part of its intelligent routing solution, where calls get reassigned to available operators or the mobile numbers of agents.

Adequate Staffing


Understaffed teams may struggle to handle incoming calls.


Ensure adequate agents are available during peak call times, making it easy for you to handle calls efficiently.

ClearTouch Operator’s workforce management solution ensures adequate agents are available during peak call times, minimizing call wait times and improving call answer rates.

Analytics and Reporting


Identifying call patterns and bottlenecks can be challenging without data insights.


Implement analytics tools to gather data on call volumes, peak times, and areas where calls are frequently abandoned. Analyzing this data helps optimize staffing levels and improve call management strategies.

ClearTouch Operator’s built-in analytics helps analyze call volumes, even call logs, on the issues and challenges the agents encounter. This allows you to optimize staffing levels and also helps train your agents.

Automated Callback Systems


Customers may become frustrated with long wait times and choose to hang up.


Offer an automated callback option that allows customers to request a call back from a representative when they reach the front of the queue. This reduces the number of abandoned calls and enhances customer satisfaction.

ClearTouch Operator has this feature by default. It offers callers the option to receive a call back instead of waiting on hold. This proactive approach allows customers to continue with their day while ensuring their issues are addressed.

Lack of Call Monitoring and Quality Assurance


Calls may go unanswered or be mishandled without proper monitoring.


Implement call monitoring and quality assurance processes. Regularly review recorded calls to ensure that agents follow protocols and provide excellent customer service. This practice helps identify areas for improvement and maintains a high standard of call handling.

ClearTouch Operator’s voice analytics uses audio from recorded calls for searching and analyzing. It also uses other associated data, such as customer profile information or when the customer interaction occurred.

Its features include advanced search and filtering, enterprise-grade speech recognition and transcription, contextual call playback data, tagging and commenting, transcript visualization, and full PCI redaction.

The highly flexible search engine quickly and easily finds and retrieves calls through a free-from combination of keywords, phrases, acoustic measures, filler words, and call metadata.

Inadequate Communication Channels


Limiting communication channels to phone calls only may lead to missed opportunities for customer engagement.


Integrate multiple communication channels like email, live chat, and social media. Offering diverse channels allows customers to choose their preferred method of communication, reducing call volume and improving overall responsiveness.

ClearTouch Operator supports all channels of communication and offers omnichannel capabilities. This will allow customers to seamlessly transition between channels without losing the interaction context. Customers don’t have to repeat themselves at any point in the interaction, and this will improve the call answer rates.

Technology plays a pivotal role in optimizing call answerability rates. By continuously refining processes and leveraging technology, organizations can enhance their ability to handle calls effectively, improve call answerability rates, and provide exceptional customer service.

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