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Debt Collection Call Center Software

Start with increased connections to deal with collections.

Trusted by 300+ collection facilities.

Your goal is to increase the revenue and recovery rates. Our debt collection call center software has an intelligent, predictive dialer solution that improves productivity by removing wasted time on manual calls or between calls. Your agents get to spend more time on live calls.

Our Platform Features – Debt Collection Software

  • Integrates with all CRMs and collections software

  • Pay over the phone or via an Internet portal

With our predictive dialer, you can immediately increase connections and productivity and enhance your recovery rates:

  • Increase “right party” contacts by up to 288%
  • Increase agent talk time by up to 169%
  • Idle time reduction by up to 43%
  • FTE (full-time employee) reduction by up to 44%

Check our industry document on Debt collection

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