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Your Customer Experience in the Cloud

ClearTouch, an Omnichannel contact center software platform, enhances customer service across all available channels. Your contact center can be up and running within 48 hours. Welcome to the contact center software hub.

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Optimize Your Call Center Operations

ClearTouch comes with Call Center Workforce Optimization (WFO) and Workforce Management (WFM) solutions, allowing you to be appropriately staffed with CSRs by accurately forecasting the volume of incoming calls at the desired service level. While Call Center Workforce Management and Workforce Optimization are among the most advanced call center operations, only about 10% of call centers use them regardless of high call volumes and the potential to increase productivity levels.

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ClearTouch’s No Contract Promise:

At ClearTouch we believe in providing you the best ongoing service with our one-of-a-kind cloud-based call center software – no strings attached.

Compliance management for your industry

Comparing features, pricing, SLAs, and Long-term contracts can make choosing a service complicated. Simplify the process with Clear Touch.

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Want to hear more about our work

ClearTouch’s contact center platform has helped transform businesses across industries. Take a look at some of our customer experiences.

Business-As-Usual for a Healthcare Facility

Helped optimize their teleconsulting infrastructure using our VocalRx platform to schedule, confirm, and reconfirm appointments, while collecting feedback from patients.

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Migrated 1000+ Agents Within 48 Hours for a Leading Bank

Migrated on-premise to our cloud contact center platform, allowing their work-at-home agents to address their customers’ sales, service, and support needs.

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Faster Turnaround and Improved Customer Satisfaction

We helped Mattsen Kumar address all the challenges they faced with their existing dialers besides providing them with additional benefits such as a robust reporting & business intelligence tool.

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Check how our contact center platform fits your needs