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Everything You Wanted in a Cloud Call Center Software Solution

It doesn’t matter what channel your customer wants to reach you, and you get one view of your customer through our integrated cloud call center software platform. It can be deployed within 48 hours irrespective of the number of agents you have, and it comes with a no-contract promise. Our cloud call center platform handles 1500+ customers across 150+ countries, with more than 2 billion call volumes to date.

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Omnichannel Platform

Let your customers reach you irrespective of where you are

With our cloud contact center omnichannel software platform, you can provide your customers with the channel of their choice to reach you. Provide your agents with a unified experience to address your customers’ needs without having to create an experience–expectation gap.

No lock-in periods. No long-term contracts

List Management Services (LMS)

As a call center, you are dealing with humungous amounts of data that too from various sources. What do you do?

This is where a feature like List Management Service helps you. LMS enables you to massage and mine data from various sources. You can sort, filter, review, parse, and enrich the data and make it actionable for your stakeholders.

There are three components to LMS: an effective collection of information, efficient data storage and organization, and valuable data analysis and application.

LMS is a central data repository and provides greater visibility and administrative efficiencies. Make the most of your data with LMS.

Compliance and Data Management

We help you grow stronger with our compliance

It is mandatory that your call center complies with industry regulations and standards. Our Cloud Contact Center platform provides it all. What you need, when you need it.

Keeping your customer’s data safe and secure is a critical part of your call center business. How do you go about doing it?

Our call center software platform complies with regulations like TCPA, HIPAA, HL7, PCI-DSS, and FDCPA. It is made possible by following proper call center practices.

Intelligence, Reporting, and Analytics

The smart move to data management

A manager in any call center spends more than 30% of productive time pulling together reports to see if it is functioning efficiently.

With our cloud contact center software platform, you can automate the entire process and free up your resources to focus on the core function of your call center. We provide reports, analytics, and intelligence that help you plan your operations. It enables you to find anomalies, trends and measure performance to ensure that real-time data is used to your greatest advantage.

Workforce Management (WFM)

Only 10% of the call centers use a Workforce Management (WFM) system, not because they don’t want to use it, but because most platforms don’t come with an integrated WFM solution.

Our integrated Workforce Management software provides you the insight with real-time data that allow you to:

  • Provide intelligent scheduling and ensure that the correct number of CSRs are available to address customer needs
  • Train and monitor your agents with efficiency and productivity in mind

600+ banks, financial services, insurance, and debt agencies trust us for the best call center solutions

Integration and Automation

Make the most out of your investments

What is your biggest concern when you evaluate a call center platform? You are worried about your existing investments.

Fret not. We have that covered as our cloud contact center software platform can be seamlessly integrated with your best-of-breed solutions. We already have a few pre-built integrations as well. We address all of your integration needs behind the scene while providing confidence with our flexible 24/7 customer support.

Voice Analytics

Uncover business insights and ensure quality & compliance

Voice is the primary form of communication in a call center. Managers and supervisors listen to only 2% of the recorded calls unless something unfavorable happens. What happens to the remaining 98%?

They remain in the storage servers with lots of insights. With Voice Analytics, you can rapidly analyze call recordings to identify compliance issues, misselling, privacy issues, training areas, and what can be moved to self-service. This would increase the call center’s overall productivity and happiness.

Check how we help customer success in the BPO industry

Automated Interactive Voice Messaging System (AIVMS)

  • Do you have the need to generate leads by cold calling?
  • Do you have the need to ensure there are no-shows in your hospital appointments?
  • Do you conduct customer surveys regularly?

We are sure that you would want to improve on the results of all the above activities. AIVMS is the ideal solution for your needs. You send out a voice broadcast to thousands of customers at the click of a button, with the option for them to respond using their keypads. Your agents only call pre-qualified responses, and the conversion rates are very high.

Likewise, it is easy to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments by keying your response when you receive a confirmation voice broadcast. Also, the likelihood of filled surveys is high when you receive a voice message asking for your feedback right after you receive the service. We have implemented this for some of the largest hospitals and corporations in the world.

Channelize All the Moving Parts in One Direction

Imagine your inbound dialers, outbound dialers, CRM, helpdesk, bug tracking, chatbots, email, and social all integrated. Wouldn’t that be the best thing for you as a business to offer delightful customer experiences from anywhere?

We bet it would be.

Add Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to this mix, and you are equipped with everything that a customer service and customer support function can ask for. Our platform comes with all of this.

Check how our call center solution fits your needs

Why ClearTouch Call Center Platform

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    All the help you need, whenever you need is provided by our dedicated support team. 99% SLAs at all times, with multilingual capabilities.

  • No Long-Term Contracts

    Only contract-free call center solution. No lock-in period. No restrictions on the number of agents. Works on a pay-as-you-go model with per minute billing.

  • Seamless CRM Integrations

    Smooth integration with CRM, Helpdesk, and other best-of-breed IT solutions. Comes with a bunch of pre-integrations.

Call Center Software – Frequently Asked Questions

What is call center software?

Call center software helps you automate the flow of incoming and outgoing calls.

For instance, you receive a call at your customer support number – how you greet, understand, and route your calls is handled by the call center software. Likewise, when trying to reach someone on an outbound call, the call center software handles how you segregate and automate the dialing.

What is cloud call center software?

Your entire call center software infrastructure is deployed on the cloud. You can be up and running in no time – all you need is a working browser and an active Internet connection to connect to the call center software and do your job.

Cloud call center software allows you to work from anywhere with minimal infrastructure needs. This is ideal for remote working and hybrid working. Besides, your infrastructure can be up and running within 24 to 48 hours, with the option to scale up and down per your business needs quickly.

What is the difference between a call center solution and a contact center solution?

People use them interchangeably, and we are moving away from a pure call center solution across verticals and geographies.
However, here is the difference.

A call center solution allows communication by voice or SMS text only, while a contact center solution offers communication across several channels like voice, SMS, email, live chat, chatbots, video, social, etc.

What is the implementation time of your call center solution?

We can get you up and running within 24 to 48 hours. We have helped migrate thousands of seats during the pandemic to work from home within 6 to 8 hours to ensure business continuity with little disruption.

Can the call center platform handle both inbound and outbound calls?

Call center platform can handle both inbound and outbound calls. Often, it is segregated as people need special skills to handle inbound and outbound calls.

However, there are cases where inbound resources can also be used to do outbound calls, depending on the traffic. Our platform supports inbound, outbound, and hybrid dialing.

Besides, we offer blended dialing, where the number of outbound calls dialed by the predictive dialer depends on the idle ratio of the available agents in the inbound campaign.

Should your call center integrate with CRMs and other best-of-breed solutions?

Often, customers call you to speak about an issue or a need.

You should be aware of these customers, what they have bought, how long they have been your customers, and the value of their purchase, etc.

This is where integration with the CRM and other in-house solutions comes in handy.

Let us assume that you receive a call from your customer. Based on their phone number, your call center software pulls out all the customer information from the CRM, would that not help you in your interaction and resolution?

So, ideally, your call center solution should be integrated with CRMs and other applications.

We have several pre-built integrations already available on our platform.

I am worried about support. What kind of customer support do you provide?

Support is the key reason we haven’t had a customer churn in the last 5+ years. Most customers remain with us because of our support and the ease with which they can work.

Does this sound interesting to you?

We are available on voice, email, SMS, and WhatsApp 24×7.

How do you ensure compliance and data security?

Our platform complies with TCPA, Reg F, HIPAA, HL7, and FDCPA regulations. Besides, we are compliant with PCI-DSS.

We constantly keep working on compliance and security requirements across verticals and geographies, ensuring them in the quickest possible times.

We work with some of the best infrastructure providers for cloud deployment, interconnects, and calling to ensure that we offer the best to our customers.

What can I look forward to when I evaluate your call center solution?

The list is vast, but here is the summary.

  • Per-minute charges – include dialers, voice, and integrations
  • First-time customization inbuilt at no additional cost
  • 95% of support issues are addressed immediately
  • Save 100s of hours on reporting and intelligence
  • No contract or no minimum commitments
  • >99% uptime of the platform
  • Security and redundancy
  • Workforce management & Workforce optimization
  • Call Center LMS (List Management Services)
  • Derive insights out of data using analytics
What makes your cloud call center solutions the best choice for us?

You can try it for yourself with our 15-day pilot.

Besides, if this is any comfort for you, we are a pure-play cloud call center solution and have been in business for more than 22 years.

We work with 1500+ customers across 150+ countries, with more than 2 billion call volumes to date.

We have 100%, referenceable customers.