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Senior Java Engineer

Author: ClearTouch

TCN is looking for a senior level java engineer. This is a high level position and requires experience and vision. TCN is looking for someone who can, identify and fix weak spots of a system or program, understand the requirements of a 24/7 always up system, and ability to create and maintain a system running mission critical applications. You will be responsible to help create redundant always up best of breed telecommunications software and web interfaces. A Senior Java Engineer is pro-active, self-driven, self-guided, and very able to identify, solve, and document problems as they arise.

Job Responsibilities

  • Expert java skills
  • Writing high availability systems
  • Strong DB Skills (postgres and cassandra both pluses)
  • Understanding of git or other dvcs systems
  • Understanding of svn or other cvs systems
  • Familiarity with maven a must; other building automation tools a plus (ant)
  • Very strong linux skills
  • Ability and commitment to document procedures and train up team


  • Nexus artifactory server
  • Hudson continuos integration server
  • Experience writing telecommunications software
  • Experience with Google Web Tool kit or similar technologies
  • Scala, Erlang experience

Benefits TCN Offers:

  • Competitive Salaries
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance Options
  • 401k
  • Paid time off
  • Paid Holiday

Please submit resumes to

TCN has led Software as a Service (SaaS) call center technology since 1999 by offering SIP based on-demand Virtual Call Center, Predictive Dialing, and Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) solutions. With offices all over the US, Canada and Europe, TCN is a global player. This means that regardless of your company size, location, or application, you can implement our cutting edge technology today. TCN, as a client centric company, stands out from any competition because of 2 driving factors: Technology and Professional Services.

Our technology is client driven because it is developed with constant feedback and suggestions from you, our clients, the professionals who use this technology daily. TCN technology empowers our clients with a superior, low cost alternative to the complexity and high initial costs of internally operated hardware and software models.

From delivering best practice solutions to feature requests and 24/7 support, over and over clients choose TCN because of the service they receive. TCN is committed to offer professional services which, combined with the best technology, make you successful.

About the Author: ClearTouch

ClearTouch Powered by TCN is a leading provider of cloud-based call center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs, and collection agencies worldwide. Founded in 2016, ClearTouch combines a deep understanding of the needs of call center users with a highly affordable delivery model, ensuring immediate access to robust call center technology, such as predictive dialer, IVR, call recording, and business analytics required to optimize operations and adhere to TCPA regulations. Its “always-on” cloud-based delivery model provides customers with immediate access to the latest version of the ClearTouch solution, as well as the ability to quickly and easily scale and adjust to evolving business needs. ClearTouch serves various Fortune 500 companies and enterprises in multiple industries including newspaper, collection, education, healthcare, automotive, political, customer service, and marketing.